Doing Mevaseret Right

December 14th 2017

Mevaseret isn’t one of those places you mark on your Israeli bucket list. After all, it doesn’t have any tremendous religious significance; it can’t compete with the coastal cities for beaches or scenery, and as far as culture, well, Mevaseret wasn’t exactly first in line when those titles were being handed out.

Yet, buried within this unassuming Israeli town is a whole trip’s worth of fun activities that you and the family can enjoy. The next time you’re planning your vacation itinerary, check out these exciting Mevaseret options before you head up north.

Castel National Park

This national park commemorates some key battles fought during the War of Independence in 1948. As a major strategic vantage point that overlooked the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, the Arabs and Jews fought many battles in this location. The park includes points of interest such as a memorial for all the soldiers that lost their lives during these battles and another memorial dedicated to the convoys that attempted to breach the Jerusalem blockade.

Just off of Highway 1, you don’t have to go far to find this fascinating piece of history.

Halilim Stream

Nachal Chalilim, or Halilim Stream in English, is a pleasant hike that really highlights the beauty of this area. The reason many tourists like this trek is because it is smooth and light enough for just about any age range or preference to manage. Wheelchairs, strollers, and handicap visitors will find the path accommodating, and everyone will enjoy its charm. The stream is also a lovely addition to any hike.

Another group of attractions along the way are the exciting and fascinating caves you’ll find. Cavernous and wonderful, the Halilim Caves offer the adventurous tourist a more exciting option

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