Judean Hills: Hidden Treasures Right Under Your Nose

September 27th 2016

If you’ve been to Israel a few times already, you are probably looking for something out of the ordinary to fill your itinerary. Well, then it’s time to travel to lesser-known locales for some off-the-beaten-path fun. Check out some fun and entertaining activities that you can do in the Judean Hills (or Harei Yehudah in Hebrew) area, just a 15-minute drive outside Jerusalem.

The New Harel Malljudean-hills-treasures

This is the best time to visit the Judean Hills area because a new mall has just opened up to the public. In an attempt to alleviate some of the traffic congestion caused by the winding curves of this hilly highway, the Israeli government constructed a new highway, rerouting the traffic onto a smoother, straighter path. In doing so, they eliminated the easy entranceway to the old Harel Mall, and so a newer, bigger, better mall was put up to accommodate all the disappointed shoppers. Hurry in, and check out the sparkling new stores, complete with big opening sales!

Elvis Sighting


Fans of the king will really get a kick out of this hot spot for tourists and locals alike. The retro-fitted gas station has the world’s largest statue of Elvis Presley standing proudly out front, and the cafe is styled to look like a 50’s diner with loads of Elvis paraphernalia plastered along the walls. There is also a smaller but no less striking statue alongside the gas station, and tourists are known to take their photo with the king at this spot.

Treks & Trails

If you are into hiking, then the Judean Hills area is a perfect destination for you to land. These mountains are covered in light, moderate, and even challenging hikes that will surround you with breathtaking views and physical activity that really gets the blood pumping. Try one of the trails along Neve Ilan or right outside Kiryat Yearim for a brisk but enjoyable hike.


Abu Ghosh

Last on our list of exciting things to do in this area is a visit to the beautiful village of Abu Ghosh. You might recognize the name since it is world-renowned for its delicious homemade hummus selection. People literally come from across the world to taste this chickpea dip that is the perfect complement to the freshly baked bread.

In addition to good eating, Abu Ghosh hosts several musical events every year. If you are planning your trip for October, the next Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival will be taking place then, and this is a real treat for music lovers across all genres. There are other events held regularly, so check the events calendar to hit up one while you’re here.

Israel is covered in hidden jewels that are just waiting to be discovered by adventurous tourists like you. Come visit the Holy Land, and find yourself a gem in the most unexpected places!