Kosher Eating out in Eilat

November 28th 2017

If you thought it was hard to find kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, try getting something with a kosher symbol while visiting Eilat! Known for its pristine beaches, exciting water sports, and impressive malls, Eilat doesn’t have much to offer in the way of religious accommodations. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of delicious kosher restaurants for worry-free dining while down in sunny Eilat.

Il Pentolino: 112 Hatemarim Blvd.

Il Pentolino has Italian food done right. If you’re looking for a light Israeli breakfast, you can get a sizeable portion of spreads, salads, and dips for less than 40 NIS. More involved meals include pizza, delicious homemade bagels, soups, fish, and more. It’s all freshly made and served in a light, airy atmosphere.

Ranch House: The Royal Beach Hotel, Eilat

If you’re missing that good old slab of American steakhouse meat, then this is where you belong. With American-imported meats, these cuts are exclusive, kashered, cured, and prepared to the highest standards. In keeping with the theme, dishes are named after American cities, so you’ll really feel like you’re back home. Prices are on the higher side, but the portions are generous, and the quality is par excellence.

Cafe Cafe: 8 Kampen

If you’ve been anywhere in Israel, you already know about Cafe Cafe. It’s a popular cafe chain, and most people love it no matter which city they’re in. You can get amazing breakfast specials for both individuals and couples, along with pastas, sandwiches, omelettes, shakshuka, salads, pizzas, and more. Walk away feeling satisfied without that heavy weight of oilier foods. An additional bonus to this Cafe Cafe is that it is situated in the beautiful Ice Mall in Eilat. That means that when you’re done eating, you can walk off those calories by doing a little retail therapy or just window shopping along the lovely shop windows throughout the mall.

There’s also the Chicago Grill, Entrecote, and Achla that are covered by the Rabbinate of Eilat; plenty available for the kosher keeping tourists out for some fun in the sun.