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Touring Tzfat: The Mystical Capital of the World

September 6th 2016

Tzfat is one of the four holy cities in Israel, but after just a moment or two in this mystical place, you will already feel the spirituality that pulses through its very air. From ancient burial sites to some invigorating nature spots, here’s the low down on what’s what up in Tzfat. The Artists’ Quarter […]

L’Chaim! Exploring Israel’s Finest Wineries & Breweries

September 2nd 2016

Judaism holds alcohol in high prominence, using it to elevate an ordinary event into a spiritual occasion. The Sabbath commences with a cup of wine, the holiday of Purim is marked by getting inebriated, and the marriage and brit ceremonies are celebrated over cups overflowing. Jews just enjoy a good drink. You don’t need a […]

Gabriel Restaurant

September 1st 2016

Gabriel is the perfect place to spend a special evening enjoying amazing food, a classy atmosphere, and a spectacular location. Ambiance Gabriel is located in downtown Jerusalem. It is situated in a beautifully renovated, 150-year-old legacy building.  The interior continues the legacy elements and mixes them with modern ones, as seen in the contrast between […]

Original Rachmo Hummos

September 1st 2016

Eating hummus at Rachmo is like taking a step back into the history of Jerusalem. Ambiance Rachmo is located a few meters from the hustle and bustle of the Mahane Yehuda market in an oddly-shaped corner building that is a little rough around the edges. Rachmo’s homey feeling is enhanced by old cooking utensils and […]

Israeli History 101 Like You (& Your Kids) Have Never Learned It Before

August 28th 2016

The school year is fast approaching, and that means kids have to switch gears from vacation mode to learning mode in a jiffy. If you want to start gearing your kids up for the new school year without boring them to tears, then you need to hit up these major landmarks across Israel. Travel the […]

Israel on a Budget: Cheap Hotels Near the Beach

August 25th 2016

If you have the means to indulge in one of the luxury beachfront hotels Israel has to offer, then go for it; it’s an experience you won’t regret. For those who can’t afford the Hilton, here are some great budget-friendly options that will still land you on the sandy shores and give you a fabulous […]

Tiberias: Majestic & Moving Attractions to Visit

August 21st 2016

Tiberias is one of the four holy cities of Israel, and simply entering the city limits one can actually feel its prominence. From mystical magic to natural beauties, Tiberias will capture your heart and admiration in an instant. Take a look at some of the hottest attractions in the area. Tiberias Hot Springs Possibly the […]

“Wonderful family trip”

August 21st 2016

We spent 10 fun filled and fulfilling days in Tel Aviv, the Golan, Galilee and Jerusalem, as well as Masada and the Dead Sea. Shalom planned a great itinerary that worked for all three generations in our family, with meaningful things for everyone. Our guide, Eli Dabi, did a fabulous job and became a member […]

“The BEST Tour Experience with Shalom Tours & Meni Tzabari”

August 21st 2016

Shalom Israel Tours is the BEST tour company you can book whether you are traveling solo like me or as a couple or family. Really, you do not need to look any further, this is such an amazing tour company; the personal touch and attention to detail is incredible. If you are lucky enough to have […]


August 21st 2016

If you are shopping tours in Israel, you have found THE BEST! We just returned from a 14 day trip that included Petra. Our tour guide, Aharon, made every sight exceptional with his knowledge and his way of telling the story of what we were seeing. His love of Israel was always evident and made […]


August 21st 2016

We just returned from our adventure in Israel with Shalom Tours. Our guide and itinerary were exceeded our expectations Every day was a new, fantastic adventure visiting Tel aviv, Jerusalem, Kibbutz Lavi ,Safed, and Massada. Shalom’s extra touches included door to door roundtrip service from airport to hotel, cookies delivered to our room on shabbat, […]

“Jewish Heritage 10 day Tour”

August 21st 2016

My wife and I just finished a 10 day trip to Israel (our first) highlighted by 6 days of guided touring arranged by Shalom Israel Tours. Our trip was wonderful – but we can not say enough about Shalom – and the tour. Since my review is long… the summary is; 1. Go to Israel. […]

13 Day Heritage Tour

August 21st 2016

My husband and I just finished a 13 day tour with Shalom Israel tours. We had two different guides, both Aharon & Eli were fabulous! There were only seven of us on the group tour and we all became like family at the end! We did so much each day that we almost had trouble […]

The Best Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Around Israel

August 18th 2016

Most people are fascinated by the remote and mystifying world beneath the sea, which is why snorkeling and scuba diving are such popular attractions. Diving down into their world to get a glimpse of how the underwater creatures go about their lives has been described as revolutionary, mind-blowing, and invigorating. Like the idea of exploring […]

Tel Aviv: When the Sun Goes Down, It’s Party Time!

August 14th 2016

While New York City might have coined the title “the city that never sleeps,” Tel Aviv is taking the idea to a whole new level! If you have a serious case of FOMO or just like to party hard, then here are the best places in Tel Aviv to get down till the sun comes […]

Touring Tel Aviv, The (Israeli) City That Never Sleeps

August 12th 2016

Tel Aviv is possibly the high tech capital of the world, with new startups cropping up almost every day and fascinating innovations coming to life constantly. But Tel Aviv has even more than just cool gadgets and quirky architecture to show for itself. This bustling epicenter truly never sleeps, and there is action and excitement […]

Heading Down South: Fun & Fascination in the Negev

August 6th 2016

The Negev is the southern area of Israel and includes Beer Sheva, Mitzpe Rimon, and Eilat. It doesn’t take long to get from one end of Israel to the next, so wherever you are located, you can enjoy these amazing attractions. Pick a few favorites for an unforgettable vacation this year. Eilat Eilat is easily […]

9 Days Activities: Fun & Meaningful Activities

August 4th 2016

The Nine Days is a period of time at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Av (roughly August), that many observe as a time of mourning. Some religious observers don’t listen to music, eat meat, have celebrations, or go swimming during this time. Worried you’ll have nothing to do? Make your trip meaningful and […]

Jerusalem’s Old City: A Portal to the Past & Beacon for the Future

July 29th 2016

Jerusalem’s Old City is a cornerstone of Israel, and no visit would be complete without running this circuit. Make sure to put some of these top destinations into your itinerary this year. The Quarters A wide range of religions will find a comfortable corner of the Old City of Jerusalem carved out just for them. […]

Hottest Hotels in Israel Today

July 28th 2016

Looking for a hotel to stay in this year while vacationing in Israel? We’ve rounded up a selection of hotels for you to enjoy while staying in Israel. Here’s our list of the most family-friendly, the most luxurious, and some specialty hotels as well! Jerusalem Family-Friendly: The Inbal offers comfortable and attractive accommodations for families, […]