Tantalizing Spa Resorts That Leave the Crowds Out Of It

March 4th 2016

If you’re on vacation, then you deserve a little pampering during your trip. The trouble is so many people flock to the popular spas, it can hardly be categorized as R&R with all those people. Here’s a thought. Skip the crowds the next time you visit Israel, and check out these decadent spas that you won’t find on the main circuits. They’re every bit as luxurious as the major locations, but they’ll provide you with the peace, quiet, and privacy you’ve been craving from this holiday. Enjoy!

cramim-spa-maale-hachamishaCramim Spa, Maale HaChamisha

The luxurious Cramim is located within the picturesque backdrop of the Judean Hills in Kibbutz Anavim. Only a few minutes outside of Jerusalem, travelers can be at the Cramim Isrotel spa in no time at all. The spa is an expansive 3,000 meters squared, and hosts everything you can dream of! Enjoy the indoor pools if there’s a chill in the air, but head straight to the crystal blue outdoor pools for some fun in the sun, if not. Get comfortable in one of the 23 private treatment rooms, and don’t forget to hit up the sauna, Turkish bath, and wine bar.

carmel-forest-resort-spa-haifaCarmel Forest Resort Spa, Haifa

The Carmel Forest holds plenty of beauty and allure on its own, but if you are looking for an off the beaten track spa, Carmel Forest Resort Spa in Haifa is the beginning and the end of your journey. The spa offers a tremendous variety of massage treatments including energy healing, body peeling, muscle tension releases, body wraps, and anti-aging beauty treatments. The resort focuses on bringing a wide variety of healing treatments under one roof for visitors to indulge in. From Thai energy pathway treatments that leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, to hot stone massages that utilize Swedish massage techniques, along with basalt stones to release stress in the deeper layers of muscles, Carmel Forest is truly a slice of heaven on Earth.

mizpe-hayamim-spaMizpe HaYamim Spa

Mizpe HaYamim is situated in the hills overlooking Safed in the upper Galilee, one of the most breathtaking areas in all of Israel. The spa delivers a unique experience that challenges visitors to release their inner zen through massage, oils, and water therapy. It’s a stunning resort surrounded by even more beautiful nature, so it’s the perfect place to really let go of it all and just relax.

The Dead Sea Spa is wonderful, and Hamei Teveria are not to be missed according to most. This is your vacation though, so relax the way you love to with a sumptuous spa experience that will leave you calm, cool, and serene. It’s vacationing the way it’s meant to be.