Judean Hills Tour Sites

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Agur Winery Tour

One of the ways that the boutique Agur Winery distinguishes itself from the other craft wine brands of Israel is by focusing only on blended wines. During your visit to Agur, you will not only learn about their distinctive line of wines, but also about the particular vineyards in which the grapes were nurtured. The […]

Shilo Winery Tour

Past meets future at the Shiloh Winery, a modern winery that flourishes from its ancient, Biblical roots. Biblical traditionalists believe that the area upon which the Shiloh Winery plants and harvests its grapes was bestowed by the patriarch Jacob as an inheritance to his beloved son Joseph, and the sages teach that Shiloh is worthy […]

Hebron Heights Winery

Start with a group of observant Jewish immigrants from France. Add the geographic location of Kiryat Arba, overlooking Hebron’s Ma’arat HaMachpelah, the Cave of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs, where grapes have grown for thousands of years. Combine these elements with the most modern winemaking equipment. Add it all together, and you have the Noah/Hebron Heights […]

Ella Valley Winery Tour

Ella Valley Wineries began in 1998 when one man, Danny Velero, drove all across Israel looking for the ideal place to reinstitute the wine culture of Israel. He settled on the historic Ella Valley and the Aderet Vineyard was planted, employing 21st century wine-making knowledge that Velero imported from his years in Napa Valley, California. While […]

Tzora Winery Tour

Israel’s Tzora Vineyards lies nestled in the Judean Hills, where the small team of winemakers at Tzora believes the location of their vineyards to be highly valuable to the wines they produce. Established in 1993, the 20+ year-old winery crafts 80,000 bottles each year with plans to grow to a full production of 100,000 bottles […]

Samson’s Tomb

The road leading to Samson’s tomb in Tel Zor’a is lined with picturesque picnic locations and sculptures, and goes through the President’s Forest. The burial site of Samson is also known as his birth place, and therefore, the area is known as “Samson’s Country.” Once done climbing Tel Zor’a, visitors will see Samson’s blue-domed, white-washed […]

Castel National Park

Castel National Park, located within the Judean Mountains, contains the remnants of a Roman period fortress built upon a summit. The fortress had been used to guard the route to Jerusalem during Roman rule, but was later rebuilt during the Crusader period. However, Castel is most known for the important and strategic role the location […]