Tzora Winery Tour

August 20th 2012

tzora vineyard 3Israel’s Tzora Vineyards lies nestled in the Judean Hills, where the small team of winemakers at Tzora believes the location of their vineyards to be highly valuable to the wines they produce. Established in 1993, the 20+ year-old winery crafts 80,000 bottles each year with plans to grow to a full production of 100,000 bottles in the next few years.

Tzora produces wines from 4 different vineyards. The red and white labeled Judean Hills wine offers regional blends, while Shoresh and Neve Ilan are both single vineyards. Tzora’s flagship wine Misty Hills is named for the climate of the plot on which the grapes are grown. Misty Hills is a Bordeaux-like blend and is only created in years when the vintners feel the vintage is sufficiently worthy. Even though Tzora Vineyards is a boutique winery, the individual vineyards ensure a lovely diversity of flavors in the wines produced. Tzora vineyard 2

Similar to the start of many Israeli wineries, Tzora winery took off in a small Israeli kibbutz. The winery gained international prominence while under the supervision of Ronnie James, whose passion for for wine making led him to receive the “Eshkol Hazahav” (Golden Bunch) award.

Wine tastings and workshops are available at Tzora Vineyards by appointment only. Groups of 4 to 50 people can be accommodated in the visitors’ center. Available workshops teach participants about the history of the vineyard and the details of wine production. To add a complimentary twist, workshops can also include an insider’s look into the process of cheese making. Tastings can be arranged to include both wine and cheese and can be scheduled at one of two scenic locations – either in the winery’s private garden or around the Knights’ Table.

Tzora vineyard

In addition to their full line of available wines, the winery’s store features wine accessories and cheeses made from sheep’s milk brought in from boutique cheese-making dairies. You can also enjoy the restaurant adjacent to the winery which offers wines and delicious cheeses from these local boutique dairies.

A visit to Tzora Vineyards is an excellent companion to a visit to the nearby Soreq Stalactite Cave or the Latrun Police Station and Tank Museum, both located near the modern city of Beit Shemesh.