Hebron Heights Winery

June 20th 2014

Hebron Heights Winery

Start with a group of observant Jewish immigrants from France. Add the geographic location of Kiryat Arba, overlooking Hebron’s Ma’arat HaMachpelah, the Cave of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs, where grapes have grown for thousands of years. Combine these elements with the most modern winemaking equipment. Add it all together, and you have the Noah/Hebron Heights Winery. You may not have heard of the Noah/Hebron Heights Winery yet, but its line of kosher wines is attracting the attention of wine enthusiasts from around the world.

There’s something extra special about kosher wines that are produced in the area that the oldest Jewish community in the Land of Israel calls home. The grapes benefit from the elevation of the Judean Hills and the dramatic difference in temperature between the warm, sunny days and cool desert nights.On a drive to the winery, it’s hard not to notice the many terraced fields and the grape vineyards growing outside of old Hebron.

When the winery opened in 2000, management looked for a building that was both large enough to accommodate the necessary equipment and had stone walls thick enough to keep the inside sufficiently cool. They found a concrete building just outside the Jewish community of Kiryat Arba and retrofitted it to create a winery. In the early years, when the winery was producing 100,000 bottles a year, the building was adequate.

Now that production has increased to 800,000 bottles a year, the existing facility is far too small. During the year, they have to move certain equipment in and out during various stages of the winemaking process. As a result, there is currently no formal Visitors’ Center at Noah/Hebron Heights Winery. However, the winery has acquired a vacant plot of land that was not much more than a rocky hill. Administrative permission to build a winery and Visitors’ Center has been granted, and there are plans in the works to open to the public in the months ahead.

Notice that the labels of the winery’s Tevel line are decorated with images of the wildlife of ancient Israel, while the names Jerusalem Heights Cabernet-Merlot and Makhpelah Special Reserve conjure a special connection to the Land of Israel. Drinking these wines when you are back at your own table will evoke wonderful memories of your trip to Israel.