Flower Power – Winter Wonderlands Bedecked in Floral Beauty

February 11th 2016

One of the most amazing things about Israel is that you can experience all the wonders of the world simultaneously happening under one sky. You can enjoy the brilliant rays of a sunny beach day and go skiing down the winter slopes that same afternoon. You can watch desert, monsoon, and rainbows co-existing all within a few miles of each other. And one of our favorite dichotomies that Israel contains is the year-round potpourri of beautiful flowers across the country. If you enjoy exotic fauna, then you’ll want to check out these are 4 places to experience winter flowers in full bloom.

Iris_haynei_flowerThe Northern Negev, Eshkol

In the south of Israel, you can traipse through field upon field of lovely anemone flowers. These bright red buds are a natural pick-me-up, with their cheerful color and pleasant appearance. In fact, the anemone is such a symbol of hope and joy that they have become the center of an annual festival in their honor. The Darom Adom Festival celebrates rebirth, growth, and hope, and you are invited to join the celebrations.


cyclamenArgaman Iris Reserve, Netanya

If purple is your color, then the Argaman Iris Reserve is a must-see spot for you. These beautiful bulbs begin to appear in the late winter, around February and March. You can enjoy rows of these tall and regal flowers, as the rich aroma of iris flowers permeate the air. If you’re a real diehard iris fan, you can also head up north to Har Gilboa for a more exotic trek to these treasured petals.


Beit SheanGivat Harakefet, Beit Shean

Not all flowers need to be center stage, of course. Sometimes, the rarer the bloom, the more intoxicating the appearance. The cyclamen primrose is definitely a flower that falls into this category. These delicate purplish pink buds grow primarily in shaded areas, preferring the solitude and privacy of a craggy mountain than to be out in the open for all to admire. Beit Shean is covered in these delightful flowers, and if you are a lover of beautiful things, than you have to take a detour to partake in this one.


Givat Hatourmusim, Elah Valley

Speaking of lovely purple flowers, the lupine is a majestic sapling that is found in abundance throughout the Elah Valley near Beit Shemesh. Lupines are a beloved flower because of the feminine shades of purple, pink, and lilac that they produce. Strolling through a valley of these beauties, and you might think you’ve stumbled into a Lisa Frank gallery. Lupines are also prevalent along Road 918 to Kibbutz Gonen, in case you didn’t get enough of them in the valley.

Winter holds many majestic beauties, and the floral arrangements that cover the countryside are one of the more invigorating ones. Come to Israel, and enjoy the magnificence of nature, no matter the time of year.