January in Israel: Hot Happenings for the Cool Weather

January 12th 2016

If you thought you were missing out by visiting Israel in January, think again. You won’t get to see the Hanukah festivities or the Israeli Independence Day extravaganza, but Israel’s got its fair share of concerts, festivals, and happenings (as the locals call them) throughout January, as well. So button up that jacket, and head out for some cold-weather fun Israel style! (http://www.habsor.co.il/1751)

Darom Adom Festival (Weekends from Jan 23-Feb 20)

Red South FestivalThe Darom Adom Festival is a celebration of Israel’s success in agriculture. Not many people know it, but not long ago, Israel was a barren wasteland. Using advanced agricultural methods, the land was rejuvenated, and now our vibrant country is blossoming once again.

Following the wettest winter weeks, the Darom Adom festival celebrates these admirable strides in Israeli history, and the national flower, the anemone, takes center stage. Head to the Eshkol region in the Northern Negev to participate in some family-friendly fun and bask in the fields of beautiful crimson anemones. (http://tiberias-marathon.iaa.co.il/index.php?lang=en&site_id=9&uri=/37news)

Sea of Galilee Marathon

Tiberias MarathonGet your running shoes on because Israel is heading for the racetracks, and you’re invited! The Sea of Galilee Marathon is held on January 8th this year, and it takes participants on an awe-inspiring path from beautiful Tiberius, through the ancient Jordan Valley, and across Ein-Gev. Get your blood pumping, and see sites of Israel you’ve never had a chance to before.

Eilat Chamber Music Festival

Eilat Music FestivalThe Eilat Chamber Music Festival will take place on February 1st, but you’ve got to plan for it in January, so we’ll sneak it in here! If you love quality music, then this is an event not to be missed. It is one of the most internationally-acclaimed music festivals and star performers include John Malkovich, Paul McCreesh, and Natalia Guttman, to name a few. Order tickets now – the hall is always packed!

Don’t worry if your plans aren’t taking you to these locations. There’s plenty of action and excitement in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv , and even as far as Eilat , so check them out, and really heat things up this winter!