Fight the Fog with February Fun in Israel

February 25th 2016

Israel is beautiful no matter what time of year you come to visit. In the middle of February though, it can be hard to remember the intrinsic lore that this great country holds. If you’re concerned about suffering from some winter blues this vacation, check out these fabulous winter activities that you’ll definitely want on your February itinerary.


Who doesn’t love a good strawberry? The juicy, succulent fruit that’s as adorable as it is delectable actually has a season here in Israel, and unlike most would assume, it’s not in the summer! In fact, strawberry season in Israel is throughout the wintery months, so whether you enjoy them in a fruit shake, on top of your breakfast cereal, or baked into a delicious pie, February is the time to enjoy these delightful berries. Visit one of the many open farms that allow you to come see rows upon rows of strawberries and pick as many as you like.

Almond Trees Delight

The shkaidiot (almond blossoms) are some of the most breathtaking flowers to behold. These small white blossoms are dotted with pink in the center, but that’s not the most attractive part. As the winter winds are still blowing harshly at your chapped cheeks, the almond blossoms come into bloom. To any Israeli, these flowers that blossom by the thousand in large groups for an overwhelmingly beautiful effect are a symbol, a sign that while winter still has a few good weeks left, spring is not too far away.

Eilat, a Winter Haven?

Eilat is a desert oasis in more ways than one. It has the natural beauty of sparkling blue beaches, exotic fish, and skies that are almost always sunny. On the other side of the spectrum, Eilat is a hotspot for excitement with thrilling attractions like bungee jumping and rappelling, a sizzling nightlife with dance clubs and restaurants, and even a museum or two to shake things up a bit. Available all year long, why is Eilat on our Winter Must-Do list? Because unlike in the summer months when the temperatures are scorching hot and the prices are even more likely to send you into heat stroke, the cooler winter months deliver all the beauties and adventures of Eilat for half the price! Get ‘em while they’re hot…or…not.

In addition, don’t forget to climb the Hermon, enjoy the untamed beauty of Rosh HaNikra, and sip some freshly-brewed tea at one of our homegrown cafes. Now doesn’t this beat the summer heat?