A Look at the Past and a Taste of the Future with the Geek PicNic

April 1st 2016

A look At The Past And a Taste of The Future (3)

Once you’ve conquered the Red Canyon down in Eilat and bathed in the beauty of the Banias Waterfall up at the other end of the country, take your trip to a comfortable mid-point and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Jerusalem. While there are countless historically significant sites to visit and you could (and should) spend days, if not weeks, exploring them – take a morning or afternoon for a look towards the future. For the first time ever, the Geek PicNic Festival is visiting the start-up nation, with a line-up of exhibitions, inventions, and technology that is sure to blow the mind of your entire family!

The Geek Science Festival

Until this year, the show had only taken place in Russia, but with Israel’s reputation as the start-up nation preceding it around the world, it has attracted the show to exhibit in Jerusalem during the Intermediate Days of Pesach. Gan Sacher, a common destination for visitors over the holiday for picnics and ball games, will instead be a picnic destination of the future.

This celebration of everything scientific includes demonstrations within the following categories: robotics, space, gadgets, and science fiction, all complete with the most modern inventions guaranteed to amaze even the most scientifically minded visitors.

Visitors to this unique event are able to access all of the attractions, which include the following:

A look At The Past And a Taste of The Future (2)

The Robotic Garden – This features scores of robots of differing magnitudes from all around the world

Digital Art – This part of the exhibition will showcase performers that take art to a new level, combining music, sound and bodily movements.

Gaming Zone – Enjoy playing the old classics, as well as new releases which feature the very latest cutting edge in technology.

Wearable Technology – Seen as the future of clothing, you can experience mood hats and sensation outfits.

The Lightning Show – A team of researchers have turned Tesla coils into an unbelievable show of lightning dance.

The Hand of Man – Guaranteed to be a big hit with the whole family, this technology harnesses the power of a human hand and enables you to do awesome things. Once your hand is inside the glove, discover your ability to do some unbelievable things, including throwing a life-size car!

With all this and more, including a conference of over 100 speakers, what are you waiting for?! Book your tickets today.