Bored in Raanana? Top 4 To Do in This Reserved City

March 18th 2016

Raanana is frequently called the Pearl of the Sharon for its beauty and sophistication. To be sure, Raanana is one of the loveliest cities you’ll find anywhere in the world. It’s got culture, it’s got class, it’s got grandeur. It can also be incredibly boring if you don’t know where to look. If you’re spending a few days in this section of Israel during your trip, here are 4 things that you can do to find the excitement hidden beneath this calm and composed beauty.

Artistic Flairra'anana park

Art is everywhere, especially in Raanana, but if you’re looking for something unique, then head over to the Gallery on the Lake (Al Ha-Agam). It’s situated in a neat exhibition area surrounded by glass walls in the center of the Raanana Park. Here you can find all sorts of art forms including sculptures, paintings, photography, and decorative arts. Every week or so the exhibits change, so you can really get a nice assortment of art infusion if you enjoy this beautiful form.

Get Your Game On!

If you’re looking for a good outlet for that energy after a long day of meetings, then The Sportech should be your first stop. It’s got everything from basketball courts to ping pong tables, gym equipment, and football fields. There’s practically no sport you can pick that won’t be accommodated in this colossal arena, so head on over to the corner of Weizman and Sderot Hanesiim, and check it out!

The Music and Art Centermusic and art center

A bit more culture for your listening pleasure, the Music and Art Center in Raanana is home to some incredible talents. You can hear Raanana’s Symphonet orchestra along with a long line up of other talented musicians throughout the year. Enjoy the cozy feel of this modest hall located at 2 HaPalmach St. in the northern section of Raanana.

Crazy RollerSportech

Ok, back to the action! Do you ever feel like you just want to strap on a pair of skates and fly?! Well Raanana actually has the perfect place for you to do just that! The Crazy Roller skate park is fully equipped with ramps, paths, and slides, enough to make any skater drool. So grab your board, skates, or whatever, and roll with it!

Whether you’re a high profile business man, a backpacking adventurer, or an introspective soul-searcher, Raanana has something for you. Come explore the hidden gems of this city while traveling Israel, and tell us about some of the adventures you’ve been having!