Mini Animal Parks, For Mini People (And Adults!) to Enjoy

January 29th 2016

Check out these wildlife animal parks peppered across the Israeli landscape, and really see what it’s like to walk on the wild(life) side!

Most kids can’t get enough of animals. They’re furry, they do zany things, and they have funny features like big noses, long necks, and unusual colors, so what’s not to love! If you’ve already visited the impressive zoos that Israel is famous for , or if you are in the mood of a shorter trip that won’t require a full-day commitment, then head straight for one of these smaller animal parks. Just don’t be surprised if the kids mutiny when you say it’s time to leave!

Gan Garoo


Get your kangaroo fix with a visit to Gan Garoo! This Australian animal park is situated in Kibbutz Nir David, and it’s home to some native Australian creatures such as koala bears, lizards, and of course, kangaroos. While most animals are sectioned off from people, the kangaroos bounce around freely in the open, hopping in and out of crowds of people as they watch in amusement.

Crocodile Park


The Animal World Crocodile Park is part of the larger Hamat Gader in Ramat HaGolan. You can watch more than 200 crocodiles of varying species from all over the world including South America, India, and Africa living peacefully in a natural habit-formed park reserved just for them. Marvel at the many crocodiles, alligators, giant sea crocs, and lizards, and walk over the wooden bridge that overlooks these creatures as the slumber, play, and eat.

Afrikef Monkey Park

monkey 2

Afrikef, also known as The Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation, is more than an animal park, it’s a refugee and rehab center for mistreated monkeys who were illegally obtained or used for lab research. In addition to hundreds of these primates, visitors will enjoy seeing lemurs, marmosets, langurs, and more. Come see them now before they are safely transported back to their natural habitats or other credited residences.

Underwater Observatory

The Underwater Observatory in Eilat is another part-day attraction not to be missed. It’s a masterpiece of underwater living hosting over 800 species of sea creatures ranging from sharks to coral fish, stingrays, and turtles in a color palette that even the greatest artists would be jealous of.

Israel is also home to an antelope ranch, duck farm, bird and reptile park, parrot farm, a horse and pony park. There just isn’t enough room to list all the amusing animal attractions that Israel has to offer! So you’ll just have to check back again for even more exciting animal sightings, and enjoy walking on the wild side of life.