Israel Goes Marching On: March Events to Enjoy in Israel

March 16th 2016

March is a great time to visit Israel. The weather is really starting to perk up, but the sun hasn’t reached its sweltering apex yet. The holiday season isn’t quite upon us, but there’s enough excitement in the air to keep a body busy and entertained. If you’ve stumbled into the Middle East this March, here are some highlights that are sure to make your trip worthwhile.

Music in the Air

If you are a music fan, there’s plenty to enjoy this March in Israel. Check out the Sound Ports Festival in Tel Aviv to show your solidarity with the citizens of Istanbul, the International Bach Festival to commemorate and appreciate this legendary composer, or the Gente de Zona for an eclectic mix of reggae, rap, and Cuban traditional sounds. Chris Norman, British pop star from the band Smokie, will also make an appearance, so don’t miss out.

Eilat Bird Festival

The International Ornithological Center of the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel (or SPIN) organizes this festival each year from March 15-23 to raise awareness and bring like-minded bird aficionados together for some bird watching, tours, and presentations that any fans of the flight bound friends will love. Enjoy Eilat on a whole new level.

The International Clown Festival

From March 18 through 20th, head to Netanya for a day of joking and clowning around with some of the funniest clowns in the world. The cities will be filled with both homegrown talents as well as International greats that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Wine & Plenty

If you are around Zichron Yaakov this March, here’s another great event you’re sure to enjoy. The Festival of Wine & Plenty runs for two days over March 25th and 26th. During the festival, you’ll enjoy wine tasting from some of the most exquisite wineries in the country. Also take advantage of the delectable wine and cooking workshops that crop up around the festivities.


The Jewish Halloween, Purim, is a festive time to be in Israel. Kids dress up in colorful costumes, the streets are lined with revelry and merriment, and there is an overwhelming joy wherever you go. Take to the streets of Geulah, Tel Aviv, Safed or any other major city, and you’ll be swept away by the excitement and energy. Also, join in on a traditional Purim feast for an experience you will not soon forget.

There are also fields upon fields of beautiful spring flowers coming into bloom. Take advantage of the clear skies and brisk breeze to do some outdoor sightseeing and hiking this time of year. Come to Israel this March and enjoy the weather, warmth, and wonder of our beautiful country.