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Exploring Jerusalem’s New City

July 27th 2016

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and brimming over with history, legacies, and tales of awe. While the Old City is the most prominently visited area, Jerusalem’s modern development is also a marvel to behold. If you’re looking for a change of pace, then head over to the new part of town, and see all […]

Memorable Israel Travels for the Month of July

July 21st 2016

Judaism is a religion of joy and most of the months usher in some festivity or another. The Hebrew months of Tammuz and Av (July/August), however, commemorate some of the saddest moments in Jewish history, reminding us of the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Holy Temples. Yet there is a message of […]

Gush Etzion Sites to Enrich, Enlighten & Delight You

July 13th 2016

Just slightly south of Israel’s capital city, Gush Etzion is an area that has made a big noise over the years. While the location is rife with political tension, the Gush (as locals refer to it) is also brimming over with beautiful national monuments, historical landmarks, and exciting adventure activities for tourists to enjoy. So […]

Music, Art & Dance Festivals This Month in Israel

July 12th 2016

Looking for some culture and entertainment while you’re in Israel? Now – in the middle of the summer – is when you can really enjoy some of the more exciting niche entertainment festivals. Here’s a few of the many exciting events you’ll want to check out this month. Jerusalem Film Festival (July 7-17) If you […]

The Golan Heights: The Jewel of Israel

July 8th 2016

The Golan Heights, aside from being a much-talked about political area, is a stunning expanse that is flanked on all sides by breathtaking nature. To the north, there is the Hermon Mountain; to the south is the Yarmouk River; the Hula Valley and Sea of Galilee are to the west; and a lovely wadi rests […]

12 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids this Summer in Israel

July 7th 2016

If you’ve brought your kids along with you for a vacation in Israel, then you’re in for a few special surprises! While this might not be the relaxing, romantic, or rejuvenating vacation you dreamed of, an Israeli getaway with tots can be lots of fun and filled with memories you will all cherish for a […]

Galilee & Jazreel Valley Sites That Will Astound You

June 29th 2016

The Galilee, or Galil in Hebrew, takes up a large portion of Northern Israel. It stretches from the Mediterranean Sea eastward towards the Jazreel Valley and Acre, reaching up towards Mount Lebanon, Carmel, and Gilboa. Aside from being an expanse of lush greenery, the Galilee hosts a number of interesting tourist spots that you are […]

3 Reasons Why Israeli Hotels Outrank Rentals for Unforgettable Vacations

June 28th 2016

Thinking about renting an apartment in Israel instead of spending the money on a hotel? Are your friends, family, or wallet trying to convince you that this is the smarter way to spend your vacation in Israel? Here are 3 reasons why staying in an Israeli hotel is better than going the rental route. Reason […]

Judean Desert Tours: History, Therapy & Shopping!

June 27th 2016

The Judean Desert spans a large section of Israel, from Jerusalem straight across to the Dead Sea. With such a wide scope, you can understand why so many fabulous tourist spots fall into this region. The next time you’re in Israel, be sure to cross off some of these terrific opportunities from your bucket list! […]

Touring Israel’s Coastal Region Like a Pro

June 24th 2016

Israel’s coastal region is situated up north and consists of a beautiful stretch of land including Caesarea, Rosh Hanikra, and Haifa. If you’d like to see some of the greater beauties that this region contains without fighting through the throngs of tourists, then check out these hot spots on your next trip. Akko: Ancient & […]

Why Israeli Tour Guides Will Give You the Trip of a Lifetime

June 23rd 2016

Have you ever visited one of the incredible wonders of the world only to be left, well, underwhelmed? Not only is this a big letdown, but it can often derail your entire vacation, and can certainly put a damper on the mood. People generally visit Israel expecting to feel an immediate connection, an appreciation for […]

Best Places to Visit in Central Israel

June 13th 2016

The Center of Israel holds some hidden treasures that tourists and locals both enjoy tremendously. If you are visiting any of these areas including Rechovot, Petach Tikva, or Tel Aviv, here are some highlights that will make your vacation something special. Dialogue in the Dark Also known as The Blind Museum, Dialogue in the Dark […]

Shavuot Happenings Across Israel

June 9th 2016

Shavuot is the holiday when Jews celebrate receiving the Torah, and this year it falls on Saturday night to Sunday night (June 11th-12th) for Israelis. This is a great holiday that flows with delicious dairy delicacies, all-night learning events, and a festive atmosphere as the summer is ushered in, and kids and adults can finally […]

4 Luxury Hotels in Israel You’ll Want Experience

June 3rd 2016

Vacations are all about taking a break and recharging that battery, and staying at a hotel is part of the process. Of course, if you really want to spoil yourself, there are some exclusive resorts that make sure you leave feeling pampered and relaxed. You might not be able to afford a two-week vacation at […]

Join the Israeli Nation in Celebrating Jerusalem Day

June 2nd 2016

Jerusalem Day, or Yom Yerushalayim, is a day for celebration even in other cities of the country because of what it represents. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, the home of many significant historical, religious, and political sites, and it holds a unique place in the heart of all Israelis. Jews, Christians, and Muslims […]

Spotlight on Religion: Druze in Israel

June 1st 2016

This is the fourth part in our series, Spotlight on Religion, looking at the various religious groups that have found themselves a safe, free, and accepting home within the borders of Israel. Today, we’ll explore the colorful world of the Israeli Druze along with some exciting activities, sights, and areas you can visit to really […]

Shvil Izim – A Path to Perfection

May 31st 2016

Shvil Izim – A Path to Perfection Located in Tel Shachar, a mere 15 minute drive from central Modiin and 45 minutes from Tel Aviv, Shvil Izim combines an outdoor experience with a truly unique Israeli restaurant. Reviews have consistently graded the restaurant as a “must visit”, with many claiming it’s the finest milky dining […]

Diving in Caesarea: Not Like Any Dive You’ve Ever Taken Before

May 31st 2016

If you love exploring the depths of the deep blue sea, then Caesarea is the only place to be. Diving in Caesarea is a completely different experience than diving in other bodies of water. While Eilat can provide you with an unbelievable vacation, Caesarean diving is an aquatic escape that is unmatched by any other. […]

Spotlight on Religion: The Bahai Faith

May 30th 2016

One of the most strikingly remarkable things about Israel is that there are so many different cultures, religions, and peoples living together. The Christians are free to practice their faith, and the Jews don’t have to fear persecution for theirs. People of every walk of life come to Israel and instantly feel accepted because that […]

Wrap it Up: Funky Headscarves in Israel

May 29th 2016

One of the most outstanding features of religious Jewish women is their head coverings. According to Jewish law, married women are obligated to cover their hair in one manner or another. Some opt for the traditional wigs, while others prefer hats and berets. A trend that is occurring more and more often in the Jewish […]