Kfar Kedem

December 16th 2015

Kfar Kedem Talmudic VillageKfar Kedem.jpgKfar Kedem is a recreated ancient village in the Galilee that enables visitors to actually relive the past through this amazing experience. Visitors enter Kfar Kedem and can dress up as a shepherd from the ancient times, plow recreated fields, and then bring in the harvest to the threshing floor in the village. Visitors are then able to take the wheat harvest, turn it to flour, and bake fresh bread, just as how the people did who lived on the land hundreds of years ago. Visitors are then able to ride a donkey in a caravan through the hills of Nazareth. While on the donkey, visitors can take in the beautiful view of the landscape. The day ends for visitors with a feast in a shepherd’s tent. Kfar Kedem is open year-round, rain or shine!  In the winter they have roof-covered areas for the activities and lighting for afternoon\evening activities. Kosher meals are served in the shepherds’ tent.

For details or to book a tour & activity, visit their website here!