Israel’s Hot Springs: Hot Ideas for Warming up This Winter

January 7th 2016

In the dead of the winter, when temperatures and spirits are both at their lowest, and germs, illness, and yearning for warmth are at their highest, anyone could use a day to recharge. If you’re traveling Israel this winter, the best way to press that reboot button on your internal hard drive is to visit one of the nation’s therapeutic hot springs. Not only will you infuse your body with some rejuvenating warmth, but you will also be taking advantage of one of Mother Nature’s most enjoyable medicines. Take a look at a few of these hot springs.

Hamat Gaderhamat_gader_at_night


Hamat Gader is situated in the Southern Galilee, and is one of Israel’s most luxurious natural spas. Indulge in some steaming hot mineral water (we’re talking 107-degrees hot!), baths, a thundering waterfall, and relaxing jacuzzi-engulfed beds. All sections of the spa are fueled by real sulfur water for the most medicinal value and a therapeutic experience you could imagine. When you’ve revived your body and soul, you can take a quick plunge in the cool water pool, topped by a massive, winding slide!

Tiberius Hot Springs

Tiberias Hot Springs

If your vacation itinerary points you in the direction of Tiberius (and it really should), Hamei Tiveria is an amazing option. Pamper your body with spas, pools, jacuzzis, and baths that deliver nearly 100 different minerals flowing from 17 streams of rich hot spring water. With a fully-equipped gym, sauna, and health salon, Hamei Tiveria also offers an excellent solution for Orthodox tourists, as they provide separate pools for men and women.

The Dead Seadaniel-dead-sea-exterior-pool2


The Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, geographically. With 30% salinity and 23% oxygen levels, you can literally get a therapy session just by breathing in the air. There are endless spas located in the hotels surrounding the Dead Sea, but really all you need to do is get in the actual sea water which contains tremendous levels of bromine, a calming mineral, and play in the mud that acts a detox treatment for your hair and skin. Like Hamei Tiveria, The Dead Sea Spa offers separate pools for men and women to enjoy separately.

Israel has a lot to offer people of all types and personalities, but we’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t fallen head over heels in love with the hot springs of this ancient land. So make sure that some of these bubbling baths are on your to-do list the next time you visit Israel because life is just too short to miss out on opportunities like these!