A Winter Wonderland in the Desert

December 14th 2015

From the massive music festivals to the eclectic Shaon Horef events, Israel has its fair share of amazing, inspiring and downright awesome winter festivals. Most would be hard-pressed to believe that we’ve found one that tops them all. Take a seat, skeptics, because the annual Jerusalem Ice Festival blows everything else out of the water. We’re talking about full-blown ice sculptures…in the middle of the desert! If that’s not mind-blowing, I don’t know what is. If you’re in Israel this winter, don’t miss out on these fabulous ice-capades!

Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open

The festival is not merely an impressive exhibit of artfully crafted sculptures. Join hundreds of thousands of people as they stand in awe, admiring masterpieces made entirely of ice. Close your eyes, and imagine a wall of ice before you. Now try to envision an entire structure made of pristine icicles. Let your imagination build, expand and leap until you’re surrounded by an enormous city, glistening with light like a huge display of diamonds in the sky. This is the magic and beauty of the Jerusalem Ice Festival.

The Facts

Internationally-acclaimed ice sculptors are flown in to craft an entire city of ice. Marvel at the smooth, glass-like surface of the walls, columns, arch ways and turrets, and truly be amazed by these masterpieces including an icy replica of the Tower of David and a realistic light-rail. We don’t want to ruin all the fun, though. For the full effect, you’ll have to come experience the Ice Festival for yourself. It’s being held from February this year and costs 70 NIS, though you can’t really put a price tag on this wonderland. Come experience the festival first-hand, and be a part of the magic.