5 Winter Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

November 26th 2015

Traveling Israel this winter? Don’t miss these top five winter festivals that will warm you up and get you knee-deep in Israeli culture and entertainment.

Think your vacation will be a bust because of the cold and rain of Israeli winters? Think again! This culture-rich society is bursting with entertainment, partying hard and long into the night and infusing some life and verve into the long winter weeks. Check out 5 of the most exciting winter festivals you’ll be glad you discovered.

  1. The Taste of Galilee Food Festival Dec 3-12

Golan_Heights_7 - Copy

Here’s one festival that everyone’s gonna love. Head north for a generous helping of food workshops, themed dishes and musical performances to boot at The Taste of Galilee Food Festival.

  1. The Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival Dec 7-12

Jerusalem Film Festival

The Jewish Film Festival is a celebration of Jewish film making at its best. Utilizing the art of storytelling to address poignant topics such as Jewish-other religion clashes, Israeli lifestyle, faith and culture, filmmakers bring these concepts to life on the big screen, and you’re invited to watch.

  1. The Holiday of Holidays Dec 11-20

Holiday of Holidays in Haifa

Haifa is brimming with religious and cultural diversity, and the Holiday of Holidays festival celebrates each one. Take pleasure in watching as people from all walks of life join together under one proud banner of humanity at events, concerts and exhibits all month long.

  1. Hamshushalayim Every Weekend in December


Enjoy booth upon booth of exciting, entertaining and inviting events from artisans to chefs, along with free concerts, city tours and unique events all highlighting the beauty of Jerusalem in the winter.

  1. Chanukah Dec 6-14

Chanukah in Israel

Of course, what Israel winter experience would be complete without enjoying the Festival of Lights, Chanukah? This holiday celebrates the struggle between the Hashmonaim and the Greeks, a battle that savors the underdog victory, and the miracle of the candle light. Come join the celebration as millions of Jews illuminate the night with candles burning bright.

Still undecided? Plan a beautiful trip throughout the country, traveling from one city to the other where you can take advantage of each of these incredible festivals on a different night of the week.