Top Wheelchair-Accessible Places to go in Israel, Part 1

January 14th 2016

The Israeli terrain is covered with majestic beauties hidden deep in valleys, across craggy peaks, and down winding, narrow pathways. These sights are spectacular to experience, but they can be a bit complicated for the wheelchair traveler. But Israel is for everyone, without exception, which is why we’ve put together this two-part series that features some of the greatest spots in Israel that will give you all the inspiration you’d expect from an Israel vacation, along with the convenience of wheelchair accessibility. western wall

The Western Wall/Kotel

The Western Wall, known by some as the Wailing Wall, is as iconic as falafel balls and hummus. The Wall is one place that, no matter who you are and what you’re doing in Israel, nobody should miss out on seeing. With a wide open courtyard, easy ramp access from the lower entrance, and a flat, smooth path straight to the Wall, the Kotel greets wheelchair travelers from all over the world with wide open arms. Image Source

Israel Air Force Museumisral air force

The IAFM offers an extraordinary display of Israeli Air Force artifacts that both children and adults will adore. They’ve got fighter jets, helicopters, missile launchers, and exhibit after exhibit brimming with fascinating facts and information about both the history of the IAF and modern day military practices. With wide open galleries and plenty of room to maneuver, this accessible Beer Sheva hot spot is one museum you are not going to want to miss. Image Source

Hit the Beach!wheelchair beach

While the beach is not generally the most wheelchair-friendly location, Israel does its part to make everyone feel welcome, which is why so many of Israel’s beaches are wheelchair-accessible. From disabled parking to stone-paved or wooden paths that lead directly to the water, you can soak up some sun and enjoy all the pleasures of a day at the beach. Check out Dado (Haifa), Sironit (Netanya), and Hilton Beach (Tel Aviv) – a few of the top accessible beaches in Israel.

Hit all the greatest tourist spots in the country with ease by following our wheelchair-friendly guide to Israel. These locations are also great for parents toting baby strollers around town, so you can let your little ones enjoy the beauty and splendor of Israel alongside you (or so you can enjoy it while your little one sleeps!).

Check out part two  for even more interesting and wheelchair-accessible activities for your trip to Israel.