Top Wheelchair-Accessible Places to go in Israel, Part 2

January 14th 2016

Rollin’ With the Punches: Israel’s Most Wheelchair-Friendly Spots, Part 2

In part one  of our series, we looked at some popular wheelchair-accessible locations a tourist should hit on their first trip to Israel. Now we’ll highlight some of the lesser-known attractions that are just as wheelchair-accessible and even more unique. These are some real hidden treasures, so prepare to be amazed.

Mitzpeh Ramon

Mitzpeh Ramon is one of the jewels of the south, with valleys, crater-like chasms and an expansive skyline that stretches out across the Negev. Engulf yourself in the beauty of this area, enjoying a slice of nature nearly untouched by human meddling, and take part in some of the more adventurous activities like jeeping or desert shooting. Mitzpeh Ramon also boasts a lovely sculpture museum, alpaca farm, and a beautiful zoological garden.

Katzrin’s Ancient Village

Just a few feet away from the bustling modern city of Katzrin, lies a hidden gem that not many tourists know about. This ancient village has been completely restored according to both archaeological findings and Jewish Talmudic law for the most detailed and true-to-life presentation of what real life during ancient times was really like. A well-paved path offers easy access to an ancient synagogue, a home under construction, and a house that has been entirely reconstructed according to the research. If you appreciate Israeli history, you will be enthralled by this village that lets you step (or stroll) inside a scene from the past.

Ein Hemed National Park

The Ein Hemed National Park is bursting with interesting things to do and see. The park is covered in refreshing and invigorating greenery, and the ancient crusader structures are brimming with interesting details that tell captivating stories. And when the weather is nice, Ein Hemed’s hosts outdoor concerts that will keep you toe-tapping well into the night.

Tel Dan Reserve

The Tel Dan Reserve is a nature enthusiast’s playground. Enjoy a babbling brook flowing with crystal clear stream water, and a rare assortment of foliage the likes of which you won’t find in such close proximity anywhere else in the world. From cold-weather indigenous trees to distinctly Mediterranean plant-life, an eclectic variety of vegetation is featured along this tour. You can complete your stroll in less than an hour, traveling across a smooth wheelchair path.

Israel’s got something to amaze and amuse every tourist and type, so don’t let your wheels stop you from having an unforgettable vacation. Come explore the wondrous world of Israel today.