Untraditional Chanukah Celebrations You’ll Love

November 28th 2015

Looking for some holiday fun that’s not quite run of the mill? Check out these untraditional Chanukah celebrations, and light up the night in a whole new way!

Chanukah is a magical time when presents abound, the world is illuminated and the air sings with the harmony of the Jewish people. If you want something outside the norm, though, here are a few ways to enjoy the festivities, the food and the fun with a whole new flavor!

  1. Torch Relay

Lighting the menorah (traditional Chanukah lamp) on your own is boring? Well, what about joining together with thousands of people as they light up the night across the country in a long, unbroken chain of candles stretching from Modiin* to the Old City of Jerusalem? The most amazing part of all is that each menorah is lit by passing a tremendous torch from one person to the next, uniting the people with this rich tradition.

  1. Get Authentic

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to live in ancient times when the Chanukah story took place, you’re in luck because peppered across Israel are museums and villages that reenact the entire scene, with participation encouraged, of course! Learn how they made the olive oil that burned for eight days and nights, brewed medicinal and delicious herbs and coped with living in tents at Hasmonian Village, the Ein Yael Oil Festival and many other exciting attractions.

  1. Learn About Light

Many museums across Israel will highlight light-centric activities in honor of the holiday season. Create works of art with oil at the Israel Museum or enjoy innovative designs from LED technology MAKERS at the Bloomfield Science Museum. It’s sure to be enlightening!

Whether you take a hike across the hills where the Maccabim fought, eat delicious sufganiyot donuts (a tradition for this time of year) or simply join the masses in lighting up the night, this holiday season promises to deliver something to remember. Happy Chanukah!