An Israeli Christmas: Deck the Halls in The Holy Land

December 15th 2015

Israel is known as the land of the Jewish people, but this holy site holds religious significance for Christians as well. Birthplace and home to Jesus Christ, Israel is a major destination for thousands of Christians each year coming to show their solidarity and to celebrate, revisit and rejoice in the footsteps of Jesus that are imprinted all across the Israeli coast.

Here are a few can’t-miss spots to make your Israeli Christmas complete.

Bethlehem City


Go back to where things all began by visiting the ancient city of Bethlehem. Known as the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem is brimming with holy monuments, sights and wonders. Visit the Church of the Nativity, set in Manger Square, see the cave where Jesus was born and be sure to stick around for the Christmas Eve caroling and festivities.



Next stop is Nazareth, home to Jesus in his youth. Traverse the very cobble stones, walk beneath the same blue sky and embrace the very mountain tops that Christ awoke to each morning. Nazareth is also home to the only Christmas Market in Israel, so don’t miss it.

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Jerusalem’s Christian Quarters


A visit to the Holy Land wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon spent in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. Most prominently, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jesus’ final resting place, is an iconic symbol of the ancient architecture of the times. This church ground encompasses many important Christian sites including the Stone of Anointing and the Rock of Calvary.

Winter in Israel is filled with wonders and delights for people of all denominations. Transform this holiday season with a visit around Israel’s holy Christian sites, and rejoice in a tradition that is centuries old.