Tea Time: Israel’s Newest Iconic Trend

December 21st 2015

Every culture has their signature elements, things that speak volumes about that culture and are spoken about automatically when discussing the country. Traditionally, hummus, falafel and the kibbutz movement are the Israeli icons, but lately, a new symbol is rising to the surface.

Tea has become as much a part of the culture as any of the above mentioned items, and natives and tourists alike are enjoying this newly brewed concept. Here are a few hot spots that you can find your favorite flavors anytime of the year.

Palais Des ThesPalais Tea

If you are looking for some high-end sipping, head straight to Tel Aviv for this upscale tea shop that is as exclusive as it sounds. The menu offers some Palais Des Thes, tea combinations such as the Du Hamm, a pleasant mixture of roses, dates, berries, orange flowers and green dates. This fragrant delicacy is just one of the many signature blends that you can enjoy at the shop, and then order online for when you’re back home.

The Spicy WaySpice Way - Galilee

Prefer mixing and matching your own herbs for some homemade tea time magic? Check out The Spicy Way market. Nestled in the Galilee, this farm offers over 200 homegrown spices, herbs, and plants that you can hand-select for some exciting and innovative flavors.



HalitateaIsrael Tea

Located in Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem, you can’t get more central than Halitatea. This tea shop is your own slice of heaven, the perfect place to duck out of the busy commotion of a vibrant city lifestyle for a few stolen moments of tea-filled bliss. Halitatea specializes not only in serving tea, along with other heartwarming foods and beverages, but in creating the ambiance to go along with this cup of goodness for an all-encompassing cultural experience. Kick back and enjoy a memorable blend at this Jerusalem must-stop shop.

Whether you enjoy steeping your own leaves and berries to create some exotic combinations or are happy to let Wissotzky do most of the work, Israel has something for every tea lover’s flavor and flair. Come enjoy a nice hot cup of team, and experience Israeli culture as it should be!