Must-See Spots for First-Time Visitors in Israel

January 5th 2016

Must-See Spots for First-Time Visitors in Israel

If this is your first time in Israel, Shalom and congratulations because you are about to have an experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

With a country and a people that have been around for thousands of years, it might be a little overwhelming planning the best itinerary for your trip. Relax, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best attractions first-time travelers will enjoy on their maiden journey through Israel.

1: Western Wall

photo 5 (2)

The Western Wall, aka the Wailing Wall, is a symbol of Israel, and a cornerstone of the Jewish faith. The only remaining wall of the outer structure of the Jewish Temple, the Western Wall sees thousands of visitors of all walks of life and every religion and culture daily, praying, crying, and connecting to the immense power of this culturally significant spot.

2: Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra Cable Car

Particularly magical in the winter, Rosh Hanikra is a series of caves situated on the Lebanese border. When the weather gets colder, the seas surrounding these caves get more turbulent, and the majestic waves crash against the rocks in a powerful display of nature’s dominance.

3: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Every country has its city life, and Israel has Tel Aviv. This bustling cultural hub is brimming with business, technology, music, arts, museums, marketplaces, events, concerts, and more. Anyone who wants to feel the pulse of Israel’s nightlife has to take a trip to Tel Aviv before they leave.

4: Church of the Sepulchre


Jews are not the only people to consider Israel a holy land. Christians from across the globe come to Israel to visit Jesus’ birthplace, childhood home, and resting place. Visit many other significant Christian sites while you are in the Old City of Jerusalem seeing the Church of the Sepulchre.

5: Mini Israel

Day 2 - Mini Israel Park

Because there’s no way to see it all in one shot, Mini Israel gives tourists a taste of what’s to come. Comprised of nearly 400 displays, this museum captures each of Israel’s most prominent spots in miniature. The intricate detailing and unparalleled attention to detail truly brings these attractions to life.

Now that you’ve checked off these memorable locations in Israel, there’s only one thing left to do. Book your tickets for next year because we’ve only scratched the surface! Come back and explore more of the deep, majestic, and beautiful land of Israel.