Rosh HaNikra

May 10th 2011

In the heart of the Galilee, at Rosh Hanikra, visit the grottoes! The grottos, or more simply put, sea caves, are world-renowned inner caves that have been the result of thousands of years of geological processes occurring within the rock. And the last thousands of years have molded a breathtaking inner landscape that you can tour within.

Back in the day, the grottoes at Rosh Hanikra began in their infancy when underground shocks ripped open gaps within the bedrock. Slowly, rainwater penetrated through these rifts, forming tunnels and caves that continued to expand due to the waves that would slam against the rock during a storm. Kinda like the story of Talmudic story of Akiva, who decided that at 40 years old he could still learn Torah, because he saw a rock which had been hallowed out from water dripping on it for years.

The entire length of the walk within the grottoes is about 200 m, and is open during the night as well, well lit up for visitors’ pleasure.

Rosh Hanikra 2Clouds- bring it on! Weather- let it storm! This is one place that is perfect for bad weather during your Israel vacation; the Galilee’s winter season is the best time to visit these sea caves. At that time, with intense, stormy weather, you will see for yourself the intensity of waves crashing explosively against the rock. During stronger storms, the waves’ spray can rise to a height of 35 m or more, and even climb higher than the edge of the cliff itself.  Within the grottoes, you will be happy as a kosher clam, as the energy released from the waves crashing against them actually creates a delightful warmth within.

Wear your stylish rubber ducky rain boots if possible.

Of course when traveling in Israel, there is always the question of transportation. How does one descend all the way down to the grottoes from the top of the cliff? The answer is a thrilling one: by taking the world’s steepest cable car ride in the world of course! For about two minutes, descend from 70 meters above sea level, traveling at an angle of sixty degrees.  This cable car ride is a hit amongst the Israel bar mitzvah tour groups’ younger memebers.

While you are bathing in the intensity of Rosh Hanikra, visit the new kosher restaurant that has actually just opened at the site.  Take your pick of a wide variety of scrumptious meat selection and Golan-produced beers ( a husband’s dream) while overlooking the gorgeous  landscape of the Mediterranean Sea.

For private Israel group tours, there are special options available; you can sail on a boat to the Achziv isles, scuba dive, do some team bonding outdoor training, or be a part of a guided tour ( given by an enthusiastic Israeli tour guide) to learn about the deeper history and variety of nature of the area.