3 Winter Must-Experiences You Never Knew Existed in Israel

December 10th 2015

While the sun and sand of pristine beaches are always a pleasure, traveling in the winter exposes you to some of the best kept secrets Israel has to offer. Here are 3 sensational winter experiences that you’d be missing out on if you didn’t know where to look (you’re welcome)!

#1 Feelin’ Blues Festival January 22-26

SAD is a real thing, and, with gloomy, overcast days, it can take a toll on your otherwise enjoyable Israeli vacation. Not to worry, the Feelin’ Blues Festival is just the solution you need to kiss those winter blues goodbye. Dance to the beat and let the music fill you to the core down in the lively Tel Aviv scene.

#2 Shafir Winter Pond, Kibbutz Ein Tzurim

Visit the Shafir Winter Pond, an ecological wonder, and watch birds from all over the country migrate to this safe ground for the frosty winter months. Observe endangered, winter-vibrant species that waken to populate specifically during these cold spurts and enjoy the beautiful scenery that spans the Israeli skyline. Why is this a winter wonder? Because the pond only fills up with the winter rains, drying up into oblivion during the summer. Experience this while you can!

#3 The Shaon Horef Festival Every week in February

Kick off your vacation with a month of culture and excitement at The Shaon Horef Festival in Jerusalem, chock full of events including concerts, plays, cooking workshops, art exhibitions and so much more. The festival runs for four weeks straight in February, and it is an event not to be missed.

There’s more, so much more that Israel has to offer, from the 18-year phenomenon Blood Moon to hidden gems down intriguing allies, you can find beauty, mystery and excitement around every turn this winter in Israel.