3 Places to See Snow This Year

December 18th 2015

To natives, snow means hassle, headache and probably a blackout or two. Traffic screeches to a halt, electric lines get fried and half the country shuts down. It also means that it’s freezing out, and Israelis totally can’t handle the cold.

If you’re a tourist, though, the idea of a white-capped Israel is a breathtaking view you don’t want to miss. If you’re searching for snow in Israel, here are the best places to find it.


Mt. Hermon

While the Hermon is the crown of the Golan, the rest of the mountain range is a sight to experience as well. These northern mountains scrape the misty skies, and when the snow falls on them, the beauty cannot be described. Explore the ranges of Mt. Varda, Mt. Hermonit, Mt. Kramim, and Mt. Avital, all expanding to heights of approximately 4,000 ft.

Tzfat Snow


If the majestic Tzfat wasn’t alluring enough on an average day, wait until you see it dusted with a pristine layer of glistening snow. The winding side streets, hidden alleyways, colossal flights of stairs and ancient domed architecture are all the perfect setting for a snow-filled wonderland that looks like it’s been taken straight out of a fairytale.

View of the distinctive golden Dome of the Rock, ( or the Temple mount) from the Jewish quarter in Jerusalem's Old on a snowy winter day. December 13, 2013. Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90 *** Local Caption *** ùìâ çåøó éøåùìéí äø äáéú


Not your typical snowbank destination, Jerusalem doesn’t typically see snow on a yearly basis. Why do we recommend it then? Because on the rare occasions when snow does show up on the scene, it’s a sight not to be missed! Citizens throw up their arms in Mother Nature’ defeat, and the fun and frivolity begins. Snowball fights, snowmen contests and creative snow sculptures can be found everywhere…and that hullaballoo is just among the adults! (Of course the kids have a blast too!)

Snow? In the desert? It’s just one of the many quirks that makes Israel so unique and magical. Start planning your special trip today.