Winter Hotspots Around Jerusalem for a Romantic Night Out

December 6th 2015

With lush greenery sprouting everywhere, dramatic sunsets that paint the skyline in vivacious shades of pink and orange and a 5000-year history replete with love stories constantly unfolding, finding romance in Israel is as easy as…falling in love. If you’re planning a special night out with a special someone this trip, here are some top destinations that are brimming with amour.

rose-roses-flowers-red-54320Wohl Rose Gardens, Givat Ram

The rose, the eternal symbol of love and passion, what better way to woo than a rose-infused path under a starlit sky? Take a stroll through more than 15,000 bushes brimming with roses and bursting with romance at the Wohl Rose Gardens in Jerusalem. Sit down on one of the benches nestled away in private nooks and bask in the beauty and romance of this floral delight for an unforgettable evening.

tower-of-david-night-spectacularTower of David

With ancient wonder and old world charm, the Tower of David appeals to all types of couples. The center of the mystical Old City of Jerusalem, this historic landmark boasts a towering citadel for clear night star-gazing and culminates in an epic light show with bursts of color and a sensational symphony of sounds.

keyaraEnchanting Eateries

What’s a romantic evening without a tender bite to eat? Treat your better half to a delectable dinner at one of Jerusalem’s finest and most charming restaurants like the exclusive Kiyara (Ramban St.), the breathtaking Rooftop of Mamilla Hotel, the picturesque Ticho House (HaRav Kook St.), or the inviting Chakra (King George St.)

There are plenty of other romantic spots around Israel like the invigorating Rosh Hanikra and the beautiful Bahai Gardens, so don’t stop for too long in Jerusalem. Take your love tour across the country for a trip that will make memories to last a lifetime.