Eilat: The Best Time to Visit is NOW!

January 3rd 2016

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the warm sun, soft white sands, and gentle waves lapping at your toes would be a welcome change to the cloudy skies, bone-chilling rain, and frigid air nipping at your nose. What you do need to have some knowledge of, though, is where to go when you’re visiting the sunshiny skies of Eilat. If you are visiting Israel in January, you’ll want to make sure you put these three places on your Eilat itinerary.

1: Aqua Beach

Aqua Beach Eilat

As the name implies, Aqua Beach has some of the bluest waters you will ever have the pleasure of setting your eyes upon. You could literally just sit and stare at the beautiful depths of ocean all day…but don’t! Then you’d be missing out on some of the most phenomenal diving and snorkeling experiences in the area. From swimming the depths to shallow dives and exploration, Aqua Beach has facilities and equipment for everyone, so check it out today.

2: Underwater Observatory

Eilat Observatory

Close your eyes, and picture yourself walking on the ocean floor. Imagine all the exotic marine life you’d see, all the colorful flora that grows beyond the eye’s reach. The sights would be magnificent, and when you visit the Underwater Observatory in Eilat, you can unlock this magical telescope into another world. Feel as though you are walking through a dream or some other universe, as electric blue fish flit by at eye-level, majestic sea creatures cruise along, and you can observe marine life uninterrupted in its natural habitat.

3: Dolphin Dive

Dolphin Reef Eilat

Whether it’s their innate intelligence, majestic frame, or adorable profile, dolphins are some of the most beloved creatures on land or sea. We know it’s a private dream of most travelers to swim with the dolphins, and Eilat affords vacationers this invigorating experience. Watch these beautiful creatures from the Dolphin Reef, walk between their pods (group of dolphins!), or actually take the plunge and swim alongside one of the most intriguing mammals for an up close and personal look. This will certainly be a day to remember forever.

Eilat may be small, but certainly don’t think it is limited to the sights above! You’ll also have to check out Sinai, Petra, the Red Canyon, and the safari. In fact, you might want to extend your trip just to get all the amazing Eilat attractions and must-see activities in before you leave!