All Shuk Up

February 18th 2016

While falafel and camels are pretty standard icons for Israel, you can’t spend much time in this lovely country without stumbling into one of the quintessential marketplaces that Israel is famous for. From their outdoor stalls to the booming voices of the merchants, come explore some of the most culturally rich aspects of Israeli commerce.

Carmel Market

The Carmel Market isn’t just another shuk, it’s a journey and an experience. The impressive Tel Aviv marketplace spans across a busy intersection and culminates close to the beach (sunbathing and shopping in one go!), and it is known to be the biggest produce market in the country. Find luscious fruits and fresh veggies all year round, and take advantage of some of the other delectable items on the table as well.

Artists’ Market

Buying gifts for the folks back home is always a tedious task. If you’re looking for something unique, visit the Artist’s Market in Tel Aviv and you’ll have hit the jackpot. Enter a kaleidoscope of colors and crafts that are all handmade and original pieces for that one of a kind present that friends and family won’t soon forget. Heads up though, the shuk is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays, but if you make it on one of these days, you’ll enjoy live performances along with the artwork.

Mahane Yehuda

Anyone who has visited Jerusalem is probably pleasantly familiar with Mahane Yehuda and its load-bearing stalls. Head down Jaffa street, and you’ll find rows upon rows of busy stalls bustling with business since the break of dawn. Get everything from the freshest pastries and bread products, to internationally-acclaimed cheeses and, of course, the best falafel you’ll ever taste.

Jerusalem’s Old City

If you’re looking for a more challenging shuk, you will certainly enjoy a trip through the Old City shuk in Jerusalem. Here you’ll find stalls and sellers who look as ancient as the walls surrounding them. And hidden within the thick covering of tourist-directed paraphernalia, the true seeker will find some priceless gems to take home.

Whether you hate the shuk because of the noise and crowds or love them for all the same reasons, one thing is for certain. Israel marketplaces are brimming over with vibrant colors, scintillating aromas, and outspoken personalities that you just can’t live without experiencing at least once!