It’s a Jungle Out There: Israel’s Top Zoos

January 29th 2016

Discover the wild and exciting world of the animal kingdom when you visit one of Israel’s top zoos and zoological gardens this trip.

Animals are majestic, intriguing, and captivating. So even if you aren’t the kind of person who finds stray kittens to take home (resist the temptation while in Israel – cats are like squirrels around here!), a day at the zoo is the perfect addition to your holiday in the Middle East. Next time you’re in Israel, make sure to hit one or more of these zoos for a day out that everyone can look forward to.

Biblical ZooJerusalem_Biblical_Zoo_4

The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem is probably the most famous spot for perusing animal life in Israel. In addition to acres upon acres of open space uniquely cultivated to match the natural habitats of each of the thousands of animal in the zoo, Gan HaTanachi (as Israelis call it) is part of a global research effort for the betterment of humans and animals. Heads up, there’s a lot of walking, so bring plenty of water and an extra SIM card for snapping those priceless photo ops.

Ramat Gan Safarisafari

When seeing from a distance just isn’t enough, it’s time to head to Tel Aviv. The Ramat Gan Safari offers you an up close look at some majestic wildlife living life in their natural habitats. Marvel at the immensity of these creatures, as they lazily amble in between the jeeps and cars that have lined up to come and observe the beauty. When you’ve had your fill of driving, you can go inside for an even more extensive zoo experience that covers animals from across the globe. With the amount of land to cover, you might even want to extend your trip another day!

Zapari Safari

Also in Tel Aviv, Zapari is a safari for kids like you’ve never seen before. Check out parrots, owls, ostriches, and more, or head for the creepy crawlers for a glimpse at snakes, lizards, and geckos. There is also a furry animals section with monkeys, chinchillas, guinea pigs and a few other surprises. While you won’t find the bigger animals like lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!), the variety and number of animals that are housed in this park puts it into the zoo category for me. They’ve also got an elaborate amusement park, learning center, and other attractions all pooled into one. Pitch a tent, you might be here awhile!

Of course, there are smaller parks and reservations that aren’t full-fledged zoos, but if you’re an animal-lover, these will hit the spot. Check out our list of animal parks  for you to enjoy next time you’re in Israel. link to the second article of this week