Kfar Kedem’s Pesach Experience

March 23rd 2016

Kfar Kedem

Kfar Kedem prides itself on providing visitors with an authentic experience of what life was like in Israel during the Talmudic times. Visitors enjoy dressing up as shepherds, and ploughing fields, with the fruit of their labors being turned into bread which they can then take home. Over the Pesach holiday, visitors are being treated to a special Pesach experience, and this makes Kfar Kedem well worth a visit next week.

Pesach Experience

Israel is a wonderful place in which to bring the past to life, as the country is rich in history and meaning. Twinned with Pesach, the archetypal festival when the Jewish People are encouraged to view themselves as if they themselves came out of Egypt, this week-long experience will bring Pesach to life in a unique way, allowing the whole family to view the holiday in a new light.

The Pesach experience takes the form of several connected items, all guided by professional guides available to enrich your experience with every step. The different items are as follows:Kfar Kedem

Greener Pastures – In following the footsteps of the Jewish People, you will have to make provisions to sustain you on your journey. In doing so, you’ll learn how milk is made into cheese and how cloth is made from wool. Working with sheep, you’ll assist with both the milking and shearing, in order to make fresh cheese and new clothes!

Donkey Trails – Once your provisions are ready for the strenuous journey, it’s time to load up the donkeys and leave Egypt. Freedom is here, and your donkeys will take you on a tour of Kfar Kedem.

Pigeon Note – Travelers have the opportunity to write a message and attach it to a homing pigeon, in order to send it back to Kfar Kedem so that they know you have safely reached the endpoint.

The cost of this special Pesach activity is 129NIS per person, and all of the activities take around 2 hours combined. Visitors need to ensure that they have booked a tour in advance and additional details can be found on their website. Experience Israel and the holiday in a whole new way this April, by taking a walk in the footsteps of the past.