Trips for New Parents in Israel

January 25th 2016

New parents? Check out some fun and free things you can do in Israel that’ll be fun for baby and you!

Think you can’t have an amazing trip to Israel because a new baby is in the house? Well you’ll be glad to hear that there are loads of awesome, fun, and totally unique experiences that you can have and share right alongside your little bundle of joy. So grab your baby blanket and a diaper bag, and head out to one of these top locations primed for new parents & co.

Galita & The Chocolate Factory

Did someone say chocolate? That’s right – satisfy those postpartum chocolate cravings in the most inviting way with a visit to the Galita Chocolate Workshop. With two locations in Tzuba or up north (in Kibbutz Degania), you can easily learn about where chocolate comes from, see how it is made, and taste the mouthwatering chocolate that they produce. You can also visit the De Karina factory for even more delicious fun.

Tzuba Attractions

Speaking of Tzuba, there’s loads of fun to be had on this little moshav. Located just outside Jerusalem, near the city of Ein Kerem, Tzuba hosts a huge variety of activities, events, and parks that are great for both parents and their new baby. Enjoy an eclectic arrangement of musical entertainment at the local club, partake in some fine wine tasting with a tour of the winery, or let the kids have a blast at Keftuba (ideal for kids ages 2+).

Africa in Israel

If you enjoy seeing wildlife in its natural state, then the safari in Ramat Gan is an absolute must. You can drive through the grounds or take a guided jeep tour and watch them roam freely about, winding their way in and out of the dirt path that the cars travel, and even get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. Then you can park and stroll your little one around the large more traditional zoo.

Botanical Gardens

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is without a doubt one of the ten measures of beauty that the world has to offer. With trees, bushes, flowers, vines, and plant life from every region in the world, these gardens capture all the beauty and appeal that nature has to offer. Gazing in wonderment during a refreshing stroll (via very stroller accessible paths) through some breathtaking colors and foliage, you’ll be working off that baby fat without even realizing it!

Of course, if you really want to get into the Israel experience, you’ll strap your baby on your back (or front) using one of the many baby slings that are popular in this country. Originally the preferred method for carrying your baby, the sling/carrier keeps your little ones close to your heart and easy to see at all times. These colorful baby carriers come in different forms including wraps, ringed, pouches, as well as slightly more structured carriers. So strap on that little one, and go wherever your path may take you!