The Old City – Ancient, Action-Packed, & Awe-Inspiring All at Once

March 18th 2016

There’s just something about the old city that makes everyone stop in wonderment. Perhaps it’s the ancient tone that permeates the air. It might be the dichotomy of life that goes on within the Old City walls; so many cultures, religions, and people co-existing side by side. Whatever the reason, the Old City of Jerusalem appeals to people from all walks of life, no matter where they hail from or what they’re doing there. If you’re in Israel this year, come see some of the wonders of this great place.

Migdal David

Migdal David is an ancient fortress that sits right at the entrance of the Old City. It is not actually a tower that was built for King David but in fact, was erected during the Ottoman Empire. Today, Migdal David is a tourist hotspot with lively events, light shows, musical performances, and seasonal festivals that draw crowds for their beauty and tremendous entertainment value.

Southern Wall Excavations

If you appreciate seeing a slice of history amidst modern surroundings, then this is a tour for you. The Southern Wall Excavations are situated on the south-west side of the Temple Mount, and you can choose the short or long path through the ruins depending on your level of mobility and time. During your tour, you’ll see full flights of stairs, paved streets, and several structural features that highlight the time period as well as the destruction that was done to this beautiful city thousands of years earlier.

Kotel Tunnel Tours

The Kotel tunnel tours take travelers deep down under the streets of the Old City for an explorative adventure that’s educational and fun. Learn about the Holy Temple rituals performed by the high priests, discover some interesting facts about these passages and those that traversed them through the centuries, and pop back up in the Arab shuk for a panoramic view of Israeli culture.

Mamilla Mall

Mamilla is one of Jerusalem’s most recent projects. The open-air design is contemporary, which is an unusual contrast to the ancient stones of the Old City walls, and maybe that’s why tourists love to visit. Go and stroll the corridors, window-shop through the high-end stores, and find some of the most original pieces of art to take back as your Israel vacation souvenir.


The crowning glory of the Old City is undoubtedly the Western Wall, centered in the Jewish Quarter. Also known as the Wailing Wall, the Kotel (in Hebrew) is the outer wall of the Holy Temple of the Jews yet most people who visit the Wall find it speaks to them on a deep and personal level, no matter their religion. There have been throngs of people visiting and praying at the Kotel every day since we won back this portion of Israel in 1967, and it’s an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

The Old City holds a mystical magic that one can only begin to grasp when enveloped by its beauty and awesome power. Come visit Jerusalem today, and experience a place like no other in the world.