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Check Out What to do in Holon

December 26th 2017

Holon, like Rosh Pina and Ein Kerem, are not on the list of top ten most well-known Israeli cities, and that actually works to your advantage. Why? Because it means you can travel these exciting destinations without the throngs of tourists that many of the more popular locations attract. Not sure what’s available to do […]

Check Out What to do in Petah Tikva

December 22nd 2017

Petah Tikva isn’t exactly what you would call the epicenter of culture, tourism, or anything else really. In fact, when browsing a map of Israel, you might not even notice this little city, but that would be a mistake because Petah Tikva has got some great attractions for visitors to enjoy. So, check out what […]

Check out What to do in Tzipori

December 18th 2017

We’ve done a fun series on lesser-known locales around Israel that are actually more exciting than you’d imagine. And, many tourists have told us how enjoyable their trips were because of these off the beaten path suggestions. But, who has even heard of Tzipori? Dollars to donuts you haven’t and that you couldn’t point it […]

Doing Mevaseret Right

December 14th 2017

Mevaseret isn’t one of those places you mark on your Israeli bucket list. After all, it doesn’t have any tremendous religious significance; it can’t compete with the coastal cities for beaches or scenery, and as far as culture, well, Mevaseret wasn’t exactly first in line when those titles were being handed out. Yet, buried within […]

Doing Netanya Right: Top Things for Tourists to Do in Netanya

December 12th 2017

Netanya is known by the locals for being beautiful, quiet, and a well-kept secret from tourists for years. Well, now it’s time for you to enjoy this gorgeous location for yourself. So, we’ve created a list of awesome itinerary toppers for your next visit to Israel. You’re going to love this list, just don’t tell […]

Eating out in Tiberias

December 8th 2017

Part of the joy of going on vacation is being able to chow down without worrying about the shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after the meal. What’s not fun is searching the countryside for a good restaurant that fits your taste, culinary expectations, and dietary restrictions. Well, you’ve lucked out because we have a list […]

Eilat’s Hidden Jewels

December 4th 2017

Everyone knows that Eilat’s the best place to go for snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, and tax-free shopping in Israel. Fewer people know about the stunning Red Canyon hikes, and if you’re looking for a more nature-themed visit to Eilat, then check out these hidden jewels Mother Nature gifted to the area. Coral Beach Reserve […]

Is There Anything to Eat in Tel Aviv? Kosher Touring in Tel Aviv

November 30th 2017

Tel Aviv is a fabulous place to visit for culture, art, science, technology, and design. The streets are brimming over with museums, centers, concerts, and hubs of all things that can fascinate the mind. What you won’t find in abundance around these bustling avenues are kosher restaurants. If you are dying to visit this hub […]

Kosher Eating out in Eilat

November 28th 2017

If you thought it was hard to find kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, try getting something with a kosher symbol while visiting Eilat! Known for its pristine beaches, exciting water sports, and impressive malls, Eilat doesn’t have much to offer in the way of religious accommodations. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of […]

Little Known Wonders of Tiberias

November 24th 2017

Most people’s eyes pass right over Tiberias when they’re planning their Israel itinerary, and why not. With the mystical Safed to the north, the cultured Tel Aviv to the South, and the capital city towering above all, who really has time for lazy, neglected Tiberias anyway? While those other cities might be on the top […]

Marveling Meron Before & After Lag Ba’Omer

November 20th 2017

Everyone knows that Meron is the place to be when Lag B’Omer comes around. With bonfires rising to the heavens, music streaming through the air, and crowds that reach the tens of thousands filling every inch of the streets surrounding the gravesite of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, it’s definitely one of the most happening spots […]

Modiin: What’s Hot Over Here

November 16th 2017

Modiin is a wonderful city situated roughly between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. You’ll find some amazing day trips including the rolling hills of Anabe Park. If you’re looking for some good day trips, take a look at these topnotch sights for family fun. Iza Pziza Dairy Tour & Chai Goat Farm If you’ve ever wondered […]

Six Hot Attractions You Can’t Leave Tel Aviv Without Doing

November 14th 2017

Tel Aviv is one of the most frequently visited cities in Israel, and it’s not surprising once you get a look at the place. Checking off nearly every item on your bucket list, Tel Aviv truly has it all. If you’re unsure of where to start, or what you want to do, here are six […]

Stalactite Caves: Nature’s Idea of Quality Room Decor

November 10th 2017

The Stalactite Caves go by a number of names. Some call them Avshalom Cave, others term it Soreq Cave, while others stick to the basic stalactite caves. Regardless of its tag, the ongoing theme is WONDROUS. These caves are covered in a ceiling of sparkling stalactite formations sparkling down from above like so many twinkling […]

Strange, Marvelous & Fascinating Tunnels & Caves Around Israel

November 6th 2017

Walking down the streets of Israel, you can easily find hundreds of things to do, see, and enjoy. What many tourists don’t realize is that Israel also has a fascinating web of underground attractions guaranteed to awaken the adventurer within. If you’re looking for a thrilling excursion to take on your next trip, then check […]

The Animal-Lover’s Guide to Touring Israel

November 2nd 2017

With all the shopping, eating, and religious significance around Israel, it might surprise many people to learn how much animal-focused tourism there is in this country, as well. In fact, Israel is home to some of the most exotic, rare, and interesting species in the world. So, if you’re a lover of all creatures on […]

Yitzchak Rabin Memorial Day

October 28th 2017

Among the many leaders of Israel, few are remembered as strongly as Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. A military hero, powerful politician, and builder of the State of Israel, Rabin did a tremendous amount for the people and country of Israel within his short life. The official date of the memorial is the Hebrew date of […]

Shrine of the Book Museum: Home of the Dead Sea Scrolls

October 18th 2017

We all grow up reading mystery novels, admiring adventure stories, and secretly playing out the exciting roles within these tales. It’s not often that you get to actually see one unfolding before your eyes within the confines of reality, though. Well, when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, this is exactly what happened for many […]

Some of the Strangest & Most Fascinating Places in Israel

October 16th 2017

Israel has some of the most exciting historical monuments known to mankind, and then it has its weird secrets. Hidden away where you might never find them are some unusual hotspots that are sure to enhance the adventurous tourist’s itinerary. If your curiosity has been piqued, then check out the weird, zany, and altogether fascinating […]

Doing Ein Gedi Right

October 9th 2017

Ein Gedi is an active kibbutz located near the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert. With such a prime location, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. If you are visiting Israel this year, here are some top Ein Gedi hotspots for you to enjoy. Nature […]

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