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Things to see and do around Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

July 2nd 2018

To Israelis, it’s known as Lake Kinneret. To people around the world, it’s known as the Sea of Galilee. Whatever the name you give it, the Kinneret lake is one of the most impressive geographical features in the region. The area has a rich and long history, and is widely regarded as being the location […]

5 exciting tours to enjoy in Israel’s Golan Heights

June 25th 2018

Israel’s Golan Heights is a beautiful mountainous region in the far north of the country. It offers visitors numerous exciting tours to enjoy, ranging from off-road jeep rides and horse trekking to wine and fruit production tours. The region is significant in so many ways and has a long history, rich cultural tapestry, and agricultural […]

Beautiful desert attractions in Israel

June 18th 2018

There are two desert regions within Israel – the Judean Desert and the Negev Desert. Both are breathtakingly beautiful and offer tourists a wide array of desert attractions, active adventures, and places of historical significance. The Judean Desert is situated just east of Jerusalem and descends into the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point […]

7 Beautiful Israeli Winery Tours

June 11th 2018

Wine is a booming industry in Israel and winery tours are growing in popularity. While the vineyards may not be as large as those seen in France or Italy, the quality of wine and the Israeli winemaking process is every bit as excellent. If you love tasting wine and want to view some stunningly beautiful […]

Things to See and Do in the Ancient City of Jaffa

June 4th 2018

The Israeli city of Jaffa (known locally as Yafo) is an ancient port city connected to the southern edge of Tel Aviv. Now forming part of the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, it’s believed Jaffa was first inhabited in 7500 BCE. The city is found in numerous old texts including in the Hebrew Bible (Jonah, Solomon) and […]

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv

May 28th 2018

If you want to know more about the natural history of Israel and the surrounding Mediterranean region, then the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History should definitely be on your list of places to visit.The museum, based in Tel Aviv, opened in 2018 and is the only one of its kind in Israel. It is both […]

5 Beautiful Coastal Israeli Cities to Visit

May 21st 2018

The Mediterranean coastline of Israel is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches and ancient historical sites. From the chalky cliffs in the far north to the sand dunes in the south, the coast of Israel is diverse. The Coastal Plain is also home to most of the country’s population and economic hubs, which include the […]

Fun Family Activities in Eilat

May 14th 2018

Eilat is a popular tourist destination in very south of Israel, on the northern tip of the Red Sea. The city’s beautiful beaches, spectacular coral reef, vibrant nightlife, and stunning desert landscapes make it a popular vacation spot for both Israelis and international tourists. There are many fun family activities to enjoy in Eilat, for […]

5 of the best military history museums in Israel

May 7th 2018

Israel has a rich military history dating back from before the establishment of the modern state in 1948. Few other countries in the world have faced so many repeated attacks against its borders and in such a relatively short space of time. It’s for good reason the military is held in such high regard by […]

Top Sites of Israel’s Modern Journey

May 1st 2018

Israel’s modern journey has been a remarkable one. From the hardships under the British Mandate and the bravery of the underground movement through to declaration of independence and the consecutive wars for survival, the State of Israel has faced it all, and thrived. The story of Israel in the 20th Century is a fascinating one […]

5 Luxury Hotels with Beautiful Views

April 23rd 2018

For such a small country, Israel has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world. Some of the best places to view these scenes are from the comfort and sumptuousness of your luxury hotel. From the gorgeous beaches and shimmering waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the rolling ancient hills of Jerusalem […]

Volunteering & Giving in Israel

April 16th 2018

When it comes to giving, volunteering, and fundraising of any kind, Israel is one of the most charitable nations in the world. This is seen most visibly in the aid work and donations Israel delivers to people worldwide suffering after natural disasters and conflicts. Volunteering and giving is also very important within Israel itself. There […]

Favorite Archeological Sites in Israel

April 9th 2018

Israel is one of the oldest continuously inhabited countries in the world. With such a wealth of history dating back millennia, it’s no surprise there are some amazing archeological sites throughout the country. Anywhere you go, you’ll never be far away from a fascinating bit of history. Our favorite archeological sites in Israel feature places […]

“Off the Beaten Track” Near Jerusalem

April 2nd 2018

The Holy City of Jerusalem is an amazing place to visit, for religious, cultural, and historical reasons. For many visitors, that’s everything they dreamed of and more. However, if you also want an added “off the beaten track” experience during your stay, then there are some great options nearby for those who crave a more […]

Family Friendly Activities In and Around Jerusalem

March 26th 2018

Jerusalem is a fascinating city for both adults and children, especially with all the historical, religious and architectural sites. However, young children often have a tendency to get a bit bored. They crave a more hands on and engaging approach to learning and exploration. That’s why it’s important to find activities and locations which fulfil […]

Mobility Friendly Jerusalem Touring

March 19th 2018

When you think of the Holy City of Jerusalem, it’s easy to imagine a city of ancient narrow passageways and countless stone steps. Not exactly a mobility friendly place, you’d be forgiven for thinking. Yet despite the architecture and age of Jerusalem, many sites in the Holy City have been specially adapted for mobility scooters […]

The Great Ades Synagogue

February 12th 2018

Few people know about the ancient Ades Synagogue. Fewer people still know it by its original name, the Great Synagogue Ades of the Glorious Aleppo Community. People from either of those groups will all tell you one thing for certain: the Ades Synagogue is a piece of artwork to be appreciated by anyone with an […]

Top Day Trips in Israel: Adulam France Park

February 7th 2018

What do you get when combining hiking trails, archeology, and a whole bunch of tourist facilities? Well, if you’re in Israel, then you might be heading straight for Adulam France Park. One of the largest parks in the country, Adulam France Park takes up a whopping 50,000 dunam of land and holds loads of attractions […]

Visiting Rosh Hanikra: Nature’s Showing Off

February 5th 2018

What happens when you reach the border of Lebanon and Israel? (Spoiler, it’s not what you think!) In fact, you can observe one of the most majestic and marvelous natural wonders that Israel has to offer. If you love the sight of Mother Nature really putting on a show, then check out Rosh Hanikra, and […]

Touring the Jordan River Like a Pro

February 2nd 2018

The Jordan River is a sprawling waterway that rambles all through the Sea of the Galilee, down towards the Dead Sea, and divides parts of Israel cleanly. This river is mentioned many times throughout the Bible, and, like many locations in Israel, holds appeal to both Jews and Christians alike. Biblical References The Jordan River […]