Family Friendly Activities In and Around Jerusalem

March 26th 2018

Jerusalem is a fascinating city for both adults and children, especially with all the historical, religious and architectural sites. However, young children often have a tendency to get a bit bored. They crave a more hands on and engaging approach to learning and exploration. That’s why it’s important to find activities and locations which fulfil their need to explore and learn in a way suitable for their young age.

There are many family friendly activities to be enjoyed in and around Jerusalem, which both adults and children can appreciate in equal measure. Here are some of the most popular family friendly activities we know our clients enjoy when visiting the Holy City.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

What kid doesn’t love a zoo? The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo houses hundreds of animal species, all of which are either mentioned in the Bible or are on the endangered list. The 62-acre site includes pools, waterfalls, grassy lawns, a petting area, and an eye-catching boat-shaped visitor center which has a number of fun activities for children.

Israel Aquarium

The Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem (just next door to the zoo) showcases the fascinating aquatic animals to be found in the four seas of Israel: the Mediterranean; the Sea of Galilee; the Dead Sea; and the Red Sea. You’ll get to walk through glass tunnels and pop your head up, if you’re brave enough, into special shark tank viewing stations.

Time Elevator Show

Experience 3000 years of Jerusalem’s history in a truly engaging and interactive way. The Time Elevator Show is kind of like sitting in a regular cinema except the seats move and there’s a lot more of a 3-D feel to the experience. The movie stars Haim Topol (from Fiddler on the Roof) and traces the history of the Holy City from biblical times to the modern day.

Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market (AKA, The Shuk)

The Mahane Yehuda Market (also known as The Shuk) is Jerusalem’s largest market and one of the most renowned in the entire Middle East. The Shuk offers visitors plenty to see, eat, and do. There are plenty of stalls selling every type of food (candies galore!) and merchandise you can possibly imagine. There are also some nice family friendly restaurants and cafes.

​”First Station” Old Jerusalem Rail Station​

The “first station” was built over a century ago and was the final stop on the Jaffa-Jerusalem railroad. It closed in the late 1990s but was soon after refurbished as a place for people to gather together for cultural activities, good food, music, and fun. Today there are a number of restaurants, cafes, and galleries on the site. There’s also a children’s pavilion with various activities for kids and even bikes for rent.

“Pantry Packers” Food Packing Volunteering

Pantry Packers is a project devised by the Colel Chabad organization which provides healthy food and pantry staples, such as rice, oil and canned goods, to the poorest families in Israel. The tourist volunteerism concept invites overseas tourists to spend just 90 minutes packing food staples at the production facility in Jerusalem. Children are more than welcomed to help fill bags of rice, beans and other food stuffs for the needy. It’s a lovely way to get young people engaged in volunteer work.