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5 Luxury Hotels with Beautiful Views

April 23rd 2018

For such a small country, Israel has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world. Some of the best places to view these scenes are from the comfort and sumptuousness of your luxury hotel. From the gorgeous beaches and shimmering waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the rolling ancient hills of Jerusalem […]

Volunteering & Giving in Israel

April 16th 2018

When it comes to giving, volunteering, and fundraising of any kind, Israel is one of the most charitable nations in the world. This is seen most visibly in the aid work and donations Israel delivers to people worldwide suffering after natural disasters and conflicts. Volunteering and giving is also very important within Israel itself. There […]

Favorite Archeological Sites in Israel

April 9th 2018

Israel is one of the oldest continuously inhabited countries in the world. With such a wealth of history dating back millennia, it’s no surprise there are some amazing archeological sites throughout the country. Anywhere you go, you’ll never be far away from a fascinating bit of history. Our favorite archeological sites in Israel feature places […]

“Off the Beaten Track” Near Jerusalem

April 2nd 2018

The Holy City of Jerusalem is an amazing place to visit, for religious, cultural, and historical reasons. For many visitors, that’s everything they dreamed of and more. However, if you also want an added “off the beaten track” experience during your stay, then there are some great options nearby for those who crave a more […]

Family Friendly Activities In and Around Jerusalem

March 26th 2018

Jerusalem is a fascinating city for both adults and children, especially with all the historical, religious and architectural sites. However, young children often have a tendency to get a bit bored. They crave a more hands on and engaging approach to learning and exploration. That’s why it’s important to find activities and locations which fulfil […]

Mobility Friendly Jerusalem Touring

March 19th 2018

When you think of the Holy City of Jerusalem, it’s easy to imagine a city of ancient narrow passageways and countless stone steps. Not exactly a mobility friendly place, you’d be forgiven for thinking. Yet despite the architecture and age of Jerusalem, many sites in the Holy City have been specially adapted for mobility scooters […]

The Great Ades Synagogue

February 12th 2018

Few people know about the ancient Ades Synagogue. Fewer people still know it by its original name, the Great Synagogue Ades of the Glorious Aleppo Community. People from either of those groups will all tell you one thing for certain: the Ades Synagogue is a piece of artwork to be appreciated by anyone with an […]

Top Day Trips in Israel: Adulam France Park

February 7th 2018

What do you get when combining hiking trails, archeology, and a whole bunch of tourist facilities? Well, if you’re in Israel, then you might be heading straight for Adulam France Park. One of the largest parks in the country, Adulam France Park takes up a whopping 50,000 dunam of land and holds loads of attractions […]

Visiting Rosh Hanikra: Nature’s Showing Off

February 5th 2018

What happens when you reach the border of Lebanon and Israel? (Spoiler, it’s not what you think!) In fact, you can observe one of the most majestic and marvelous natural wonders that Israel has to offer. If you love the sight of Mother Nature really putting on a show, then check out Rosh Hanikra, and […]

Touring the Jordan River Like a Pro

February 2nd 2018

The Jordan River is a sprawling waterway that rambles all through the Sea of the Galilee, down towards the Dead Sea, and divides parts of Israel cleanly. This river is mentioned many times throughout the Bible, and, like many locations in Israel, holds appeal to both Jews and Christians alike. Biblical References The Jordan River […]

The Gatsby Bar

January 31st 2018

Just like there are restaurants, and then there are RESTAURANTS, there are bars, and then there are BARS. While you can easily find a pub or watering hole if you venture to the center of Jerusalem, you aren’t likely to find another one like the Gatsby Bar anytime soon. The ambiance, the drinks, and the […]

What’s There to do Around Beit Shemesh?

January 29th 2018

Beit Shemesh is a mini-center about half an hour between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, a growing community that keeps expanding outwards. While this town is known for being a comfortable community for Anglos to get acclimated after aliyah, not many people are aware of the tremendous tourist appeal that surrounds this quiet city. Check out […]

Unique Tu B’Shvat Customs to Celebrate

January 25th 2018

The open shuks are loaded with fresh, dried, and candied fruits of every type. The aromas of spices and flowers budding are also in the air. All these signs point to one thing: Tu B’Shvat is coming! Tu B’Shvat is a special holiday because we are celebrating a unique birthday: the birthday of the trees. […]

What’s There to do in Beersheba?

January 23rd 2018

Many tourists never venture as far south as Beer Sheva, or if they do, they often circumvent this little town for the more exciting Eilat. While it can get hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalks during the real heat of the summer, Beer Sheva, also known as Beersheba, actually contains some amazing […]

3 Best Boardwalks in Israel

January 20th 2018

There is something very magical about strolling along a boardwalk. The sea as your backdrop, the sky painting a picture of tranquility, and the action going on around you creates the perfect blend of romance, reality, and peace. If you know just what we mean, then you’ll appreciate the following post. We’ve put together a […]

What’s Worth Making The Trek to Caesarea For

January 18th 2018

Most cities in Israel have their own distinct personality. Jerusalem is as Biblical as it gets, while Tel Aviv is a thrilling hotbed of culture and arts. Caesarea is like stepping straight into a storybook with castles, ancient ruins, and exciting adventures abound. So, the next time you’re visiting the Middle East, make sure to […]

5 Neighborhoods in Israel You’d Be Surprised at How Fun They Are

January 15th 2018

You’ve booked the hotel, airfare, and tours. You arranged the car, the shuttle, and the meals. You’ve checked and double-checked, and this year’s Israel vacation is going to be epic. At last, you arrive, and there’s just one thing standing in between you and your dream holiday: TOURISTS! If you hate sharing the air space […]

Check Out What to do in & Near Kfar Saba

January 10th 2018

Kfar Saba is not your hot happenings city. But, while it can’t compete with Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in a popularity contest, Kfar Saba has quite a few attractions (especially for younger children) to enjoy. Take a look at our list of exciting outings in Kfar Saba for your next trip to Israel. Yudis Gymboree […]

Check Out What to do in Ashdod

January 5th 2018

The only mention of Ashdod that we ever heard was when friends went on a summer tour and found a stunning beach that was quiet, serene, and picturesque. Otherwise, who’s ever even heard of Ashdod? It is, in fact, one of the most beautiful cities in Israel, and it would be a crime to miss […]

Check Out What to do in Herzliya

January 2nd 2018

Herzliya isn’t like most cities in our series on lesser-visited Israeli hotspots. It’s not here because people don’t know about it, but rather because Herzliya is so vast, people often get lost in the glitter and just give up their pursuit of tourism and entertainment. Luckily, we’ve sorted it all out for you and selected […]

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