6 Fun Activities for Children in Jerusalem

August 20th 2018

Jerusalem is a fascinating city full of religious meaning, cultural significance, and ancient history. For adults, the city holds numerous attractions and wonderful places to visit. For children, the old walls, cobbled streets, and markets can potentially become a little boring after a while. They need something more interactive and engaging to hold their interest. Luckily, there are many fun activities for children in and around Jerusalem.

And the best thing about these attractions is that they can be enjoyed by the whole family, whatever your age. Here are some of our favorite activities in Jerusalem for families with young children.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

All children love zoos. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo houses more than 170 diverse species of animals, most of which were mentioned in the Bible. The vast grounds offer a beautiful and peaceful oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The zoo, which is situated in Malha neighborhood of Jerusalem, is also actively engaged in the conservation of endangered species. Visitors can learn about their efforts and more about all the animals, including via interactive elements for kids. The zoo also features a fun train, spacious lawns, waterfalls, and shaded beauty spots.

Mini Israel

On the approach road to the Jerusalem, from Tel Aviv, is a wonderful miniature park ideal for children. Mini Israel, located near Latrun, is a scaled down version of the country featuring more than 380 replica models of Israeli landmarks. All models are at a scale of 1:25.

It’s a popular destination for Israelis and tourists alike, and provides children with an exciting introduction to Israel as a whole. Models include buildings and famous sites in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and many other Israeli cities. There are also fun multimedia displays and games to be enjoyed.

Bloomfield Science Museum

Science museums are some of the most interactive and engaging places for children to visit. The Jerusalem Bloomfield Science Museum is no different. Located opposite the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the museum offers children and their families wonderful insights into science and technology.

There are numerous hands-on exhibits, shows, and fun workshops to be tried, and are ideal for children of all ages.

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

It’s always great to get children out into nature. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens is an ideal setting for kids to explore the natural world and learn more about plants and trees. With more than six thousand plant species, from all over the world, the city’s botanical gardens provide a whole day’s worth of exploring and learning.

The gardens are divided into different sections based on the world’s continents and each is filled with plants originating in those regions. There’s a fun train for children and also a special hands-on kid’s trail where they can safely interact directly with water, soil, and plants.

The Jerusalem Time Elevator Show

Children’s attention spans are relatively short and the history of Jerusalem is very long. Thankfully, there’s a fantastic way to condense all of this history into one exciting and awe-inspiring experience. Introducing the Time Elevator Show which is a 35-minute multimedia presentation coving the 3,000-year history of Jerusalem.

With motion based seating, special effects, and multiple screens, children remain thoroughly spellbound as they learn the story of the Holy City.

The Israel Museum ‘Youth Wing’

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem is considered Israel’s national museum. It’s a huge complex that needs a full day to explore, which isn’t always possible when visiting with kids. Luckily, the Israel Museum has an entire ‘Youth Wing’ devoted to activities, workshops, and displays ideal for children.

Your little ones can have a great time exploring toys and games spanning the last 100 years as well as miniature furniture collections, dolls, musical instruments, colorful illustrations, and even kites!