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Fascinating Below-Ground Attractions in Jerusalem

October 22nd 2019

Picture Jerusalem and you’re likely to visualize the beautiful cityscape of the Holy City, including the Western Wall and Temple Mount. You might also think of the Mount of Olives, the bustling Shuk, or the ancient winding streets inside the Jewish Quarter. Yet just beneath the surface are a number of fascinating below-ground attractions, which […]

6 Interesting Places in Jerusalem to Shelter from the Winter Rain

October 14th 2019

Jerusalem in the rain is a beautiful sight, and for Jerusalemites, a most welcome one. It doesn’t rain a lot in Israel, compared to elsewhere in the world but when it does, it can really pour. These winter “rains of blessing” are vital for Israel’s overall water supply, so few locals complain. However, for tourists, […]

5 Outdoor Places to Visit During Israel’s Winter Season

October 2nd 2019

Summers in Israel can be very hot, and for many people, the heat and near-constant sunshine can be a little too much. This is especially the case for the elderly, infirm, and the very young. That’s why many visitors choose to arrive in the cooler months of the winter season.  If you’re planning to tour […]

Ancient Aqueducts Still Visible in Israel Today 

September 24th 2019

Ancient aqueducts are ubiquitous throughout the Holy Land yet if you don’t know where to look, they are easy to miss. These man-made water supply channels were developed throughout different eras in Israel’s history, from the  Iron age through to the Hellenistic period and most notably, the period of Roman rule, when the systems were […]

From Tel Aviv to Haifa: Interesting Things to See On the Way 

September 14th 2019

After spending some time in modern Tel Aviv it can be easy to forget just how significant the nearby ancient coastline really is. Israel’s central plain has been inhabited for more than five and a half thousand years, through many different eras and civilizations. And you can gain a sense of this history when traveling […]

5 Places in Israel to Walk in Ancient Footsteps

September 8th 2019

Israel’s ancient history stretches back millennia. Nearly every footstep you take when you visit the Holy Land is a step that has been walked by famous names from throughout the ages. Whether you are visiting the capital Jerusalem or touring sites in the Galilee, Golan, or Negev, the rich historical narratives of the ancient peoples […]

Where to Take Great Photos in Haifa

August 30th 2019

The ancient city of Haifa, situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel in northern Israel, affords visitors an array of great photo opportunities. Perched on a mountainside overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Israel’s third city contains both resplendent photogenic backdrops and a fascinating cultural mix of peoples and sights.  Haifa is home to both Jews […]

5 Reasons to Visit the Israeli Holy City of Safed

August 28th 2019

In the rolling hills of the Upper Galilee lies the beautiful ancient city of Safed – known locally as Tzfat. It’s the highest city in all of Israel and is considered one of the nation’s four holiest cities to Jews. Safed is distinctive, not only for its elevation but also for its mystical importance and […]

Israel’s Ancient Port Cities and What You’ll See Now

August 14th 2019

Before the era of flight, the sea was the primary route for visitors to reach the Holy Land. Israel’s ancient port cities were bustling entry and exit points for many different peoples throughout the ages. From soldiers, scholars, and traders to pilgrims, clergy, and returning exiles, the port cities of Jaffa, Caesarea, and Akko were […]

5 Places to Take Great Photos in Israel’s Desert Regions

August 1st 2019

Israel is blessed with a diverse landscape. From the plains and deserts in the south to the rolling green hills and snowy peaks in the north, for such a small country it has nearly everything. When it comes to taking great photos, there are so many wonderful backdrops.  Israel’s desert regions are particularly beautiful. They […]

5 Instagram Perfect Backdrops in Jerusalem

July 24th 2019

One of the most photographed cities in the world is Jerusalem. And for good reason. It’s a city of beauty in every way, from the majestic architecture nestled in the rolling Judean Hills to the ancient history that can be felt in every footstep. It’s no wonder Jerusalem is the perfect Instagram backdrop for millions […]

6 Interesting Things to See Near Jaffa Port

July 15th 2019

Noam.armonn [CC BY-SA 3.0] It’s difficult not to feel the momentous history in the air when visiting Jaffa Port. Considered to be one of the oldest ports in the world, dating back 7000 years, it’s also mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, most notably in the Book of Jonah. It’s long and varied history as a […]

5 Places to Visit Near Rabin Square in Tel Aviv

July 9th 2019

Ron Henzel [CC BY-SA 3.0] On November 4, 1995, in the Kings of Israel Square in Tel Aviv, a horrific event took place. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated at the end of a peace rally, shocking the nation and the world. Shortly after the tragedy, the square in which the rally took place […]

Things to Do in the Neve Tsedek Neighborhood of Tel Aviv

July 1st 2019

The Neve Tsedek Neighborhood of Tel Aviv The Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv is the oldest in the entire city. The first settlements were built by Mizrahi Jews who sought to escape the overcrowding in nearby Jaffa, and the district predates the formal creation of Tel Aviv in 1909.  Today Neve Tzedek is one […]

5 Military Memorial Sites Across Israel

June 24th 2019

For a relatively young country, the State of Israel has seen its fair share of conflict. It is therefore not surprising there are numerous military memorial sites across the nation. From the fight for independence in 1948 to the modern era of terrorism, there are many poignant yet proud memorials to Israel’s war dead. When […]

Amazing Things to See in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem

June 17th 2019

The Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem is one of four quarters within the walled Old City. It’s been the near-continuous home of Jews for thousands of years and contains dozens of synagogues and other significant attractions of historical and cultural importance. Up to two thousand people (mainly religiously observant Jews) live in the Jewish Quarter and […]

5 Art Museums to Enjoy When Visiting Israel

June 10th 2019

Love art? There’s art galore to be enjoyed in the museums of Israel and its variety is breathtaking. From handmade Judaica crafts and old religious artworks to world renowned modern paintings and sculptures, and so much in-between, there’s something for everyone who appreciates beauty. There are art museums and galleries in most cities throughout the […]

5 Beautiful National Parks in the Tiberias Region of Israel

May 1st 2019

Tiberias is an ancient city located on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee (known locally as the Kinneret). The surrounding region contains some of the most beautiful natural parks within northern Israel, most of which include notable sites of historical and cultural importance. The city of Tiberias is one of the four holy […]

5 Significant Synagogues to Visit When Touring Israel

April 25th 2019

It’s hard to know how many synagogues there are in Israel but estimates put the figure at over 10,000. With Israel being the homeland of the Jewish people and with a rich history dating back many thousands of years, it’s no surprise there are some very significant synagogues to visit when touring the Holy Land. […]

6 Places in Jerusalem to Take Your Kid Before Their Bar/Bat Mitzvah

April 17th 2019

A Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah is a momentous occasion for any Jewish family, marking the joyous milestone when a Jewish child has all the rights and obligations of a Jewish adult. Before such an important event, it’s vital the boy or girl understands their new status as well as the meanings behind the […]

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