5 Places to Take Great Photos in Israel’s Desert Regions

August 1st 2019

Israel is blessed with a diverse landscape. From the plains and deserts in the south to the rolling green hills and snowy peaks in the north, for such a small country it has nearly everything. When it comes to taking great photos, there are so many wonderful backdrops. 

Israel’s desert regions are particularly beautiful. They feature both natural wonders and fascinating historical man-made structures. They are among the most visited and photographed settings in the whole region. And it’s some of these we want to share with you today. 

If you’re touring Israel’s desert regions soon and wondering where the best photogenic scenes can be found, then consider visiting the following:

  1. The Ramon Crater

At first sight, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re approaching a huge meteor crater. However, the Ramon Crater is in fact the result of erosion. Situated in the heart of Israel’s Negev Desert, this fascinating landform is regarded as the world’s largest ‘erosion cirque’, formed by different types of rock eroding at different rates. 

It provides a stunning backdrop for wonderful photo opportunities. As well as the sheer size of the crater, there are also eye-catching geological wonders to be found including sandstone color bands, hexagonal prisms, walls of ammonite fossils, and more. Plus, there are wild Nubian ibex to be snapped. Although they probably won’t smile for the camera. 

  1. Masada Mountain Ruins

Another stunning natural desert wonder is the high rock plateau that is Masada. The rocky outcrop in the eastern part of the Judean Desert, can be seen from miles around. It’s also where some momentous events in history took place, including the famous siege of Masada by Roman troops, which claimed the lives of 960 Jewish rebels. 

Herod the Great built two palaces atop the cliff of Masada. The ruins of which remain to this day, and can be explored up-close by visitors. There are splendid photo opportunities from the outcrop, including stunning views across to the nearby Dead Sea.

  1. Mitzpe Jericho Observation Deck

On the route from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is a special observation deck which overlooks the ancient city of Jericho. Situated in Mitzpe Jericho, a religious Jewish community nestled in the hills of the Judean Desert, the observation point affords visitors stunningly beautiful and meaningful views across this historically significant region. It’s a perfect place for photography. 

Nearby is the Nachal Prat nature reserve, with plenty of scenic walking trails and even naturally formed rock pools in which to take a cooling dip. 

  1. Qumran National Park

When it comes to photogenic rocky plateaus, Israel certainly isn’t lacking. The Qumran National Park also features stunning rock formations including cliffs, caves, and steep-walled valleys. And to add to this landscape photographer’s dream, the site is furnished with numerous archeological wonders.  

Located near the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea, the national park is perhaps best known as the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. There’s so much to photograph in this area, including ancient ruins, geological features, and awe-inspiring landscapes. It’s a must-visit for beautiful desert snaps. 

  1. The Dead Sea

Perhaps the most famous desert location in all of Israel is the Dead Sea. This large saltwater lake forms part of the Jordan Rift Valley and is a popular tourist destination for visitors worldwide. The high salt density of the water means you float rather than swim, which is a fascinating and relaxing experience. The waters are also considered to be very good for the skin. 

The Dead Sea is surrounded by desert ridges, which provide amazing photographic backdrops, together with the fun of floating in warm sunny waters. (See also: Dead Sea Hotels)