5 Instagram Perfect Backdrops in Jerusalem

July 24th 2019

One of the most photographed cities in the world is Jerusalem. And for good reason. It’s a city of beauty in every way, from the majestic architecture nestled in the rolling Judean Hills to the ancient history that can be felt in every footstep. It’s no wonder Jerusalem is the perfect Instagram backdrop for millions of tourists who visit the Holy Land every year. 

If you’re into your social media, then there’s a certain joy and satisfaction gained from finding the perfect background to your vacation snaps. Whether you’re visiting relatives, touring the land of your ancestors, or embarking on a once in a lifetime pilgrimage, the Holy City is a stunning photogenic marvel to show friends and family back home. 

The following are 5 great places in Jerusalem to take some amazing photos. 

  1. The Kotel

The Kotel (commonly known as the Western Wall) is perhaps the first image that springs to mind for many people when they think of Jerusalem. The iconic wall is the closest accessible point for Jews to the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. Whenever you visit, you’ll see people praying next to the wall, which is one of the last remaining structures of the Second Temple complex. 

It’s a wonderful place to take a photo, especially when the sun is shining or at night when the wall is illuminated. The huge stone boulders have witnessed a fascinating narrative of human history, as well as famous leaders and personalities in more recent times.   

Important to remember: You’re not permitted to take photos in the Kotel Plaza during the hours of Shabbat (sunset on Friday evening to nightfall on Saturday evening).

  1. Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount

Where the Second Temple once stood, on the Temple Mount, now stands a complex known to Muslims as Haram esh-Sharif. Structures on this site include the al-Aqsa Mosque and the more photogenic Dome of the Rock. The latter features a huge resplendent gold-plated dome. 

You can’t access the complex itself but the best Instagram photo opportunities are actually to be had from some distance away. The golden dome can be seen from miles around and is particularly impressive when basked in sunlight or illuminated when night has fallen. 

  1. The City Walls

The Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by distinctive limestone and dolomite walls, rising to an average height of 12 meters (39.37 feet). Known as Jerusalem Stone, the locally quarried material presents a golden texture which almost glows when it catches the sun. It’s quite a sight when you come upon the city for the first time. 

The walls of Jerusalem as seen today were built by the Ottomans in the 14th Century and contain a number of watchtowers and gates, including Zion Gate, Jaffa Gate, and Damascus Gate. The walls, watchtowers, and gates, all provide beautiful Instagram-perfect backdrops for your visit. 

  1. The Jewish Quarter

One of the four traditional quarters of the Old City, the Jewish Quarter is a wonderful place to take dozens of fantastic photographs. The Quarter features a myriad of ancient streets, stone steps, archways, squares, and an abundance of little shops, synagogues, and other delights. You’ll find it hard-pressed to put your camera away. 

Notable sites include the Cardo, the Burnt House, Hurva Square, and The Temple Institute. 

  1. Machane Yehuda

A busy day exploring requires some delicious food. Where better to combine eating with Instagram photography than in Jerusalem’s largest market. Machane Yehuda Market (known locally as The Shuk) features more than 250 vendors selling everything from fresh foods, spices, liquors, clothing, housewares, and Judaica. Whatever you fancy eating, you’ll find, as well as an incredible assortment of colors, cultural clothing, languages, and signage. 

It’s Instagram-perfect, no filters required!