Machne Yehuda “Shuk” (Market)

September 13th 2010

Machne Yehuda “Shuk” (Market)

Jerusalem’s bustling outdoor marketplace is a popular attraction for Jerusalem locals and tourists alike. Locals visits Machne Yehuda or simply, “the shuk” (meaning “market”) to haggle with the 250+ vendors for the best prices on fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses, spices, wines, baked goods, house wares, clothing, and Judaica; while tourists flock to the market to test their own bargaining skills or to people-watch while sipping a frozen limonana, or lemon-mint slushee, all the while soaking up that distinctly Israeli experience—complete with the vibrant colors of handmaid textiles, the fresh flavors of organic herbs, and the smells of freshly baked pita, sizzling falafel, and spicy shwarma.

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