5 Beautiful Winery Tours Near Jerusalem

April 7th 2019

If you’re a wine lover and you’re visiting Jerusalem any time soon, then a small detour to one of the region’s wineries might be in order. There are several winery tours near the Holy City which provide wine connoisseurs with a taste of Israel’s flourishing wine industry.

The beautiful vineyards in the Judean Hills, just south of the famous Samson wine region, are exquisite in both their visual beauty and the deliciousness of their fruits. Even if you’re staying in the Jerusalem area for most of your visit, you’ll have the chance to sample – and buy – some of the very best Israeli wines, right from the source.

Here are just 5 wineries within a short drive from the capital:

1. Agur Winery Tour

Located near to the site where the Biblical David slew Goliath, the Agur Winery Tour is a must-see for fans of blended wines. During a tour of the boutique winery – run by the spiritual and visionary winemaker Shuki Yashuv – you’ll discover more about Agur’s special blending processes as well as insightful information about the Judean foothills, from where the grapes are grown. The rustic setting of the Agur Winery is perfect for small functions, when booked in advance.

2. Castel Winery Tour

Founded in the 1980s by Eli Ben Zaken, the Castel Winery is located in the Ramat Raziel moshav in the Jerusalem corridor. Also known as Domaine du Castel, the winery tour provides visitors with a comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful setting in which to sample some delicious wines. You’ll get to see their wine making process and learn more about the story of how Castel wines received glowing international reviews soon after its first-ever batch of wine was produced.

3. Gush Etzion Winery Tour

Producing approximately 40,000 bottles of wine a year, the Gush Etzion Winery is perhaps the most well-known in the region. The winery also features a visitor’s center, a restaurant, and hands-on harvesting facilities, where visitors can participate in the picking the vineyard grapes (during the summer months). During the winery tour you’ll get to see the entire winemaking process, including the large fermentation vats, as well as sample the wines made from 12 different types of grapes. Due to its elevated position, you’ll also enjoy stunning views across the Gush Etzion region.

4. Shiloh Winery Tour

Wines from the Shiloh Winery are sold across Israel. However, there’s something truly special about the vineyards of this beautiful winery. Located in the Shomron Hills, the grapes are grown on the land believed to have been bestowed by the patriarch Jacob as an inheritance to his beloved son Joseph. Sages have taught that the grapes here are the sweetest in all of Israel. The winery provides a tour which explains more about their kosher winemaking processes, including the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The spectacular scenery across the hills of Judea will take your breath away.

5. Tzora Winery Tour

Winemaking in the Judean Hills has a history dating back 5,000 years. The Tzora Winery, situated next to Beit Shemesh, is a continuation of this fine tradition. The award-winning boutique winery offers visitors not only tours of its wine making process but also workshops on the finer details of wine production and the history of the local area. You can also sample and purchase sheep’s milk cheeses, delivered from local boutique dairies, and take a workshop detailing the cheese making process.