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Top Scenic Lookout Points in Israel

July 14th 2013

A land beloved for its amazing vistas, Israel is dotted with astonishing natural and manmade scenic outlook points. Some serving as tourist destinations on their own, others better as worthy stops along a journey to other points, read on for our picks of the top lookout spots in Israel. Sherover Promenade (HaTayelet) – This is a […]

Israel’s Best Annual Summer Festivals

July 14th 2013

From Haifa to Eilat, summers in Israel are great times to mingle with locals at summer festivals. With schools out on vacation and rarely a cloudy day, festivals made for summer showcase the best of Israelis’ love of culture, entertainment and recreation. Here’s a selection of Israel’s best summer festivals that people look forward to […]

Kibbutz Misgav-Am Lookout Point

July 9th 2013

Located on a peak overlooking the Upper Galilee and well beyond, Kibbutz Misgav-Am and its renowned Lookout Point offer jaw-dropping vistas and poignant context. Kibbutz Misgav-Am was founded on November 2, 1945, when a group of young soldiers climbed from nearby Kibbutz Kfar Giladi to the very top of Naphtali Mountain and established the new […]

Menachem Begin Heritage Museum

July 7th 2013

A highlight of any trip to Israel, the Menachem Begin Museum is the most accessible initiative of the Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation. A visit to the Begin Museum, located in Jerusalem, not far from the Old City, is a multi-media museum experience, similar to Jerusalem’s Herzl Museum and the Palmach Museum in the Ramat Aviv […]

Outdoor Markets Not to Miss in Israel

July 6th 2013

Open air shopping is often cited as an extraordinary experience for visitors to Israel. Its charm is enhanced by Israel’s relatively mild weather during most of the year and by the exotic array of items available for purchase at local markets. Whether you’re looking for distinctive homemade crafts, special sweets for Shabbat, gifts for friends […]

Dialogue with Time

June 26th 2013

Located just outside of Tel Aviv, the Children’s Museum in Holon employs unconventional and compelling ways to educate visitors about what it’s like to have physical differences. The newest experience, called “Dialogue with Time,” was designed to help visitors experience first-hand the many physical changes that go along with normal aging. Like its related experiential […]

Israel’s Top Water Parks

June 25th 2013

Summer is a popular time to visit Israel, and for families with children, water parks are a terrific way to spend a hot summer day in Israel. Planning for a day at a water park gives kids something extra special to look forward to during travel days that are more focused on historical, religious or […]

Top Art Museums to Tour in Israel

June 16th 2013

Artists and art fans alike will delight in visiting some of the 40-plus museums in Israel that are devoted to visual arts and design. While Jerusalem’s state-managed Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art draw the largest international audiences and exhibitions, many prefer the lesser-known but no less significant art museums in Ashdod, […]

Awesome New Luxury Hotels in the Works for Israel

June 16th 2013

In recent years, the Israeli tourism industry has seen a major surge in luxury hotel construction and renovation. When the dust settles on all of the hotel building projects recently opened and currently in the works, Israel will have 9,000 more hotel rooms than it did in early 2009, bringing the grand total 47,000. As […]

Israel’s Top Experiential Museums

June 13th 2013

With their focus on art, science, history and more, Israel’s many acclaimed museums have much to offer in the way of exhibitions in standard formats. But many seek out museum experiences that go beyond documents and canvases on walls and artifacts under glass. On your next trip to Israel, consider visiting one of the country’s […]

Visit Neve Michael Childrens Village

June 3rd 2013

Located in Pardes Chana, 30 miles south of Haifa, Neve Michael is a home away from home for 350 children aged 4 to 18, who have come to the center from challenging circumstances. Since the 1940s, children have been brought from all over Israel to live at Neve Michael, where they are given the care […]

Graves of Jewish Sages to Visit in Israel

June 3rd 2013

Jewish tradition teaches that prayers issued at the grave of a sage are answered by God especially readily. As a result, many who tour around Israel find visits to the graves of sages to be paramount. Those who visit gravesites in order to pray are not praying to the deceased sage, but rather to God […]

Volunteer with Pantry Packers in Jerusalem

May 24th 2013

Are you looking for a hands-on social action activity for your family, tour group, youth group, synagogue or school on your next trip to Israel? Would you like to find something that packs a lot of meaning into 90 minutes of work? Check out Pantry Packers in Jerusalem. It’s a project of the Colel Chabad […]

The Suspended Bridge above the Banias

May 16th 2013

Located in the Upper Golan between the Hula Valley and Mount Hermon, the Banias is a distinguished destination for travelers looking for trails, ancient ruins, rushing water and picnic spots among verdant woods. A classic Israel tour spot, the park has recently been augmented by a remarkably designed bridge path. It could be fairly said […]

A Winter Hike in the Hasbani Stream

May 16th 2013

The meandering Jordan River, more than 220 miles long, begins just north of Israel on the Syrian-Lebanese border and flows south, emptying into Israel’s famous Dead Sea. The Jordan River serves as the border between Israel and Jordan to the east. The Senir Stream, also called the Hasbani Stream, is one of the three major […]

Archaeology and Nature at Tel Dan

May 16th 2013

If you’re looking for Biblical history, stunning natural surroundings and fascinating archaeological finds together in one destination, be sure to include the Tel Dan National Park to your Israeli itinerary. In the northeast corner of Israel, where the Jordan River, the Hula Valley and Mount Hermon meet, lies the site of biblical city of Dan, […]

Ella Valley – David & Goliath

April 25th 2013

It has often been said that a trip to Israel can make the Bible come alive. This is certainly the case for visitors to Ella Valley. The famous battle of David and Goliath, described in Chapter 17 of the First Book of Samuel, took place in the Ella Valley. In that battle, David the shepherd […]

Pick Fruit and Vegetables for the Needy with Leket Israel

April 21st 2013

By combining charity, agriculture and first-hand contact with the process of feeding the less fortunate, volunteering for Leket Israel can add an extra meaningful activity to your itinerary. Museums, ancient ruins, beach time and shopping for one-of-a-kind souvenirs definitely have their place, but sometimes, a hands-on activity is a nice way to round out a […]

Packing Food for the Needy at Chabad Terror Victims Project

April 21st 2013

If you’re looking for a truly meaningful hand-on activity for your next trip to Israel, consider volunteering for the Chabad Terror Victims Project. Established with the goal of assisting victims of terror and war in Israel in every way possible – economically, logistically, spiritually and emotionally – this initiative responds to terror attacks wherever they […]

Explore Israel’s Highway of Kings

April 17th 2013

An ancient pathway from Egypt to the Euphrates River, King’s Highway was of crucial importance in the Middle East. Used by the Israelites, Nabataeans, Romans and others, it was a vital trade route in the region. Today, the route is a great starting point for visiting an ancient synagogue, the Sea of Galilee, Roman and […]