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Best Jerusalem Hotels

November 6th 2012

One of the most iconic and exciting places to stay in Israel, Jerusalem is the hub of Jewish and Christian history, a multicultural city both modern and ancient. When you come to Israel, plan to spend at least a week in this city. As with anywhere, an enjoyable stay in Jerusalem starts with an excellent […]

Mineral Beach, Dead Sea

November 6th 2012

Mineral Beach at the Dead Sea is a perfect location to relax, thanks to its swimming, spa, snacks and beauty treatments. No visit to Israel is complete without checking out the shores of the Dead Sea, and this is the place to do it. Although not officially one of the seven wonders of the world, […]

Experience Israel’s history from the Times of the Bible

October 18th 2012

Experience Israel’s history from the Times of the Bible Israel is at once a modern cosmopolitan country and the land of the Bible. Here the Israelites conquered the Canaanite nations, the prophets spoke to the people and Israelite kings ruled Judah and Israel. To follow in the footsteps of King David and his descendants, visit […]

Experience the City of David

October 17th 2012

In Israel, history and archaeology are present at every turn. An amazing place to experience this is the City of David, just outside the Old City of Jerusalem. Visit the remains of King David’s palace, a 2,000-year-old ritual bath, and much more. Walk in the footsteps of biblical heroes through water tunnels built to bring water into […]

Deer Land

October 17th 2012

Right in the heart of Gush Etzion’s Ella Valley is Deerland Adventure Park, a hot spot for family trips that includes numerous activities for lovers of outdoor adventure and animals. If you are traveling with older kids, this park is worth a trip. There is a farm that hosts lots of animals but is best […]

Top spots for souvenir shopping in Israel

October 17th 2012

No trip to Israel is complete without shopping for gifts to bring home to family and friends. Hotel gift shops are on the more expensive side, so we recommend that you visit Israeli stores for your souvenirs. Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem is full of souvenir shops. Here you can buy Judaica such as menorahs, […]

Top hotel spas at the Dead Sea

September 27th 2012

A must-experience for anyone looking for pampering relaxation while touring Israel, the Dead Sea region is famous for its luxurious spas. The healing waters of the salty and mineral-rich sea – and its world-renowned skin-enhancing mud – make the area an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. Nearly all of the Dead Sea’s hotels and […]

Nightlife in Tel Aviv

September 27th 2012

Tel Aviv is beloved by many as Israel’s city that never sleeps, with a hopping nightlife focused on great music and a fun atmosphere. Partying starts late and ends even later in Tel Aviv. The city has a relaxed, hedonistic and bohemian atmosphere, perfect for meeting new people or hanging out with old friends. Nightlife […]

Jerusalem vs Tel Aviv: Lessons in Contrast

September 23rd 2012

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are only about an hour away from each other, but in some ways they are worlds apart. Jerusalem is the Holy City and Israel’s ancient capital, while Tel Aviv is its modern cosmopolitan center. The city of Jerusalem is the first tour destination for many tourists. The Old City offers a […]

Highbrow Culture in Tel Aviv

September 23rd 2012

Tel Aviv is the center of Israeli cosmopolitan culture. Since its founding by bourgeois Europeans a century ago, the “White City” has served as a hub of performance art, museums, galleries and film festivals. If you are looking to sample Mediterranean culture with an Israeli twist, make sure a few days of exploration in Tel […]

Best Luxury Hotels in Israel

September 20th 2012

When you come to Israel for a vacation, you want to put yourself in the best possible position for feeling like you’re on a properly pampering vacation. At Israel’s best luxury hotels, you don’t have to worry about a thing – except enjoying yourself! Jerusalem’s King David Hotel is old-school luxurious. Both the interior and […]

Contemporary Metropolis of Tel Aviv

September 20th 2012

The thriving contemporary metropolis of Tel Aviv Urban adventurers can find a bit of everything in a visit to Tel Aviv, the pulsing nerve center around which Israel’s young, dynamic population is clustered in concentration. Colorful open-air markets, cafes and bistros, arts, nightlife, high fashion, seaside recreation and high commerce in sleek skyscrapers – it’s […]

Outdoor Exploration in the Judean Hills

September 13th 2012

Surrounding the holy city of Jerusalem, the lush Judean Hills are a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. With options for hiking, cycling, ATV excursions and more, the area is well worth a stop during your tour to Israel. The region is also featured prominently in the Bible, and visitors can combine a day in […]

Israel’s Best Family Friendly Activities

September 13th 2012

If your upcoming tour to Israel is a family vacation, then get excited, because the country is home to plenty of fun, family-friendly activities. From a miniature recreation of Israel to amusement parks, and from beaches to rafting, there is plenty that the whole family will enjoy. What’s more family-friendly than a trip to the […]

Let Loose in Tel Aviv

September 11th 2012

As the modern face of Israel, Tel Aviv is the place to go to let loose during your tour of Israel. Whether you want to experience the city’s nonstop nightlife, go shopping, or relax on the beach, this urban playground has something for all personalities, moods and times of day. There’s no better way to […]

Water Sports and Geological Wonders in Eilat

September 4th 2012

Israel’s southernmost city, which shares borders with both Egypt and Jordan and boasts some prime property on the shores of the Red Sea, is a water lover’s dream. With every kind of water sport imaginable, plus incredible beaches and geological wonders, the laid-back resort town of Eilat is worthy of its place on your Israel tour […]

Shabbat in Jerusalem

September 4th 2012

As the holiest city in the world, there is no better place to spend a shabbat evening than Jerusalem. Take a day off from your busy tour in Israel on a Friday to stroll through the bustling Mahane Yehuda market and a walking tour of the surrounding Nachlaot neighborhood, before the pre-Sabbath hush falls over […]

Ella Valley Winery Tour

August 29th 2012

Ella Valley Wineries began in 1998 when one man, Danny Velero, drove all across Israel looking for the ideal place to reinstitute the wine culture of Israel. He settled on the historic Ella Valley and the Aderet Vineyard was planted, employing 21st century wine-making knowledge that Velero imported from his years in Napa Valley, California. While […]

Multiculturalism and Vistas in Haifa

August 27th 2012

Built at the foot of Mount Carmel on the shores of the Mediterranean, Haifa is Israel’s third-largest city after Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and it’s well worth a visit. A crucial port city for over 3,000 years, Haifa has been ruled at various times by the Phoenicians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans, British and […]

Enjoy the Outdoors Along the Dan River

August 26th 2012

The largest tributary of the Jordan River, the pristine Dan River in the north of Israel is a wonderful destination for lovers of the nature. Located in the Golan Heights at the base of Mount Hermon, the Dan River offers kayaking, white water rafting, camping, hiking, fishing for fresh trout, and even archeological remnants at […]