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Top sites to visit in the Binyamin region

March 17th 2013

The Binyamin region is situated north of Jerusalem and it is here that many of the events immortalized by their biblical accounts took place. Abraham, Joshua and Jeremiah walked the hills of Binyamin, and it was the home of the Tabernacle for 365 years. Before the Temple in Jerusalem was built, the Tabernacle was set […]

Experiencing the history of Safed

March 17th 2013

The city of Safed is one of Israel’s four holiest cities. It was home to the rabbis and students of the Jewish mystical movement, known as Kabbalah, in the 16th century. The city was home to well-known sages such as Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz (author of the Lecha Dodi poem sung on Friday nights in the […]

Top Hikes for Families in Israel

March 10th 2013

Israel is known for its abundance of natural wonders that can be best enjoyed by trekking on foot, and many are suitable for novice hikers and families with children. We’ve got the low down on where to go for enjoying nature hikes in Israel with the kids. Little ones love to walk through water, and […]

Israel’s Most Challenging Nature Trails

March 1st 2013

The beautiful and varied landscapes of Israel make it the perfect location for seasoned hikers. Some of the nature trails in the country are extremely long and include challenges such as rope ladders, jumps into the water and steep inclines. The longest hiking route in Israel is the Israel National Trail, which traverses the country […]

Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

March 1st 2013

Thanks to the Middle Eastern climate, Israel is a warm, sunny country most of the time, but visitors might still encounter rain or a particularly cold day in the winter. But there’s no need to let the winter weather put a damper on your enjoyment. There are many indoor activities that you can enjoy on […]

Friday night experience at the Western Wall

February 21st 2013

According to Jewish tradition, the Western Wall is the holiest place on earth, and it is never more holy than on the holiest day of the week, Shabbat. Take part in a spiritual journey to the site where the Holy Temple once stood, with a tour guide who will meet you at Jaffa Gate and […]

Shabbat walking tours in Jerusalem

February 21st 2013

When scheduled to take place on a Friday evening or a Saturday, a walking tour in Jerusalem offers opportunities to see a different side of its neighborhoods. The hustle and bustle is replaced by tranquility and holiness, which is evident just by walking the streets. Some of the most picturesque areas of the city – […]

Acco, Acre, the Crusader City

January 2nd 2013

 Acco (also called Akko or Acre), a city that dates back over 4,000 years, is located about 14 miles north of the city of Haifa. Today, the sleepy and picturesque city provides a great opportunity to encounter the many eras of the region’s history. It is one of the most toured cities in Israel and […]

Best Hotels in Eilat

November 21st 2012

Filled with hotels to suit the needs of tourists from the world over, Eilat is Israel’s resort town. The weather is beautiful year-round, and marine life in the Red Sea is a spectacle to behold. Boating, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins and parasailing are all popular activities in Eilat. The aquarium is home to a […]

Best Hotels at the Dead Sea

November 21st 2012

Israel’s Dead Sea region combines natural wonders, historical sites and spa resort hotels to make it a truly special vacation site. When you pick the right hotel to serve as your home base in the area, it’s easy to make the most of the Dead Sea’s opportunities for recreation and adventure. Visit nearby Masada and […]

Best Hotels in Tiberias

November 21st 2012

A stay in Tiberias offers relaxation and proximity to shopping, dining and the attractions of the Galilee region. With so many options for Tiberias accommodations, those planning upcoming tours of Israel are likely to find it helpful to peruse some recommendations for the northern city’s top hotels. Tiberias is best known for its location on […]

The Sea of Galilee – Ancient Waters

November 21st 2012

The area surrounding the Sea of Galilee – called the Kinneret by locals – is a magical place filled with religious significance and natural beauty. From Jesus’ childhood home to the place where he delivered the Sermon on the Mount, Israel’s Galilee region is simply spectacular and well worth a stop on your tour to […]

Religion and History in the Kidron Valley

November 21st 2012

Jerusalem and the surrounding area is rife with religious and historical significance. Here, we can walk in the footsteps of Jesus and other important figures at sites like the Mount of Olives, Pools of Bethesda, Garden of Gethsemane, Church of All Nations and the Tomb of Avshalom. Situated between the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and […]

Leisure Culture in New Jerusalem

November 21st 2012

Jerusalem may be best known as the Holy City, but there is a bustling and modern counterpart to this ancient pilgrimage destination. Today there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops for people who want a break from seeing the sites and instead want to mingle with the local bourgeoisie. Pick up some great souvenirs […]

The Contemporary Wine Industry of Israel

November 21st 2012

 When most people think of Israel, wine probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But the country has an ancient tradition of winemaking that dates back to biblical times, and which today is once again thriving. The small country is home to hundreds of wineries, from small-batch, family-run boutique operations to large companies […]

Jerusalem’s Old City and Bethlehem

November 21st 2012

Revered as one of the holiest places on earth, Jerusalem’s Old City has historical and religious significance to Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all are represented within its walls. Get an incredible view of it all before walking through the Jewish and Christian quarters, visiting the very room where the Last Supper likely took place, […]

Ancient Village Life in Ein Kerem

November 21st 2012

 Located in the Southwestern quarter of Jerusalem, the ancient village of Ein Kerem, which literally translates to “Spring of the Vineyard,” has been a Christian pilgrimage site for centuries. While strolling through the quaint village, stop and visit at sites such as the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Church of the Visitation, the […]

Ancient ports of Israel’s Coast

November 21st 2012

With its strategic location along the Mediterranean coast, it’s no wonder that Israel is home to a number of important ancient ports and cities. From the ancient Roman amphitheater and Christian history at Caesarea to the tactically and scripturally significant biblical mound at Megiddo National Park, and from fascinating Druze villages to a spectacular Mediterranean […]

Best Hotels in Tel Aviv

November 14th 2012

Tel Aviv is Israel’s city that never sleeps. The warm weather, beachfront, nightlife and culture all combine to make this city a must-see on any trip to Israel. Stay in Tel Aviv as a base for day trips to Jerusalem, Netanya, Caesarea and more. Jerusalem may be the home of Israel’s soul and history, but […]

Best Kibbutz Hotels in Israel

November 14th 2012

Kibbutz hotels offer a more pastoral atmosphere than hotels in Israel’s cities. The kibbutzim are friendly and personal, and almost uniformly geared toward family vacations. The right kibbutz hotel can serve as an especially great home base for day trips around rural northern Israel. The Kibbutz Ramot Resort Hotel is a luxurious hotel at the […]