Jerusalem’s Old City and Bethlehem

November 21st 2012

Revered as one of the holiest places on earth, Jerusalem’s Old City has historical and religious significance to Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all are represented within its walls. Get an incredible view of it all before walking through the Jewish and Christian quarters, visiting the very room where the Last Supper likely took place, and paying respects at the tomb of King David.  Next take the short trip into Bethlehem to experience this holy city.

Start out your tour to Israel by taking in the view at the Mount of Olives. This gorgeous overlook will allow you to see the walled city of Jerusalem, the Kidron and Hinnom Valleys, the Temple Mount and more.

Next, head into the walls of the Old City for a look at the Jewish Quarter, one of the most visited places in Israel. Dating back to the 8th century BCE, nearly every building has a story to tell. It is here that you will find the famous Western Wall, considered to be the holiest place in Judaism.

Continue on into the Christian Quarter on Via Dolorosa, where you can visit the holiest site in Christianity, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is here that Jesus Christ is believed to have been resurrected. Besides its religious importance, the church is also a stunning example of craftsmanship, with beautiful mosaics and architecture.

The Last Supper Room, with decorations dating from the Ottoman period, can be found in Mount Zion, not far from the Christian Quarter. Also here is he resting place of the great King David, who is famous for composing the Book of Psalms and establishing a unified capital for Israel.

Bethlehem is only a short excursion from Jerusalem’s Old City and is well worth a visit. Visit the Grotto of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus, and the adjacent Church of the Nativity. Then head to nearby Rachel’s Tomb to pay respects to the Jewish matriarch.