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New Orleans & Gush Katif

January 5th 2011

An old Blog worth revisiting…New Orleans & Gush Katif By Ahinoam Pollack Aug 7, 2007 Victims of Hurricane Katrina met with Gaza Strip evacuees this week to discuss their shared experiences in having their lives uprooted by forces beyond their control. On August 29, 2005 – just days after the Israeli government forcibly removed Jewish […]

Israeli Gold Rush Story, Except Much Better

January 4th 2011

The hunt for Diamonds in Israel… Tourists to Israel already have the opportunity to sift through dirt discarded from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, they can visit Zion Oil searching for “black gold,” and they can view the Haifa bay gas refineries from atop Mount Carmel…how about mining for Diamonds? Sometimes, in order to strike […]

Comedy, Israel Style

January 4th 2011

A little Jewish humor goes a long way. Everyone knows that the Jewish people rule in their deep grasp on the absurdities and peculiarities of life, expressed in the unique, sarcastic, one-liners classic of the Hebraic faith. That’s a fancy way of saying “we’re pretty funny.” So while in Israel, how can you get a […]

City of David Night Tour

January 2nd 2011

NIGHTTIME TOURS OF THE CITY OF DAVID, JERUSALEM EVERY THURSDAY EVENING FROM 6 JANUARY 2011 Can you really believe that this is where it all happened? Jerusalem? THE Jerusalem!?  King David? Was this really where he played the harp? Really where he walked the streets?! As crazy as it seems, this weekly Thursday night brilliant light show […]

Anna Ticho House

January 2nd 2011

The Ticho House Looking for an intimate, sophisticated evening to listen to jazz, sip wine, and indulge in possibly the greatest cheese selection this side of the Mediterranean?? The ambiance and elegance of the Ticho House offers you the heavenly combination of great food and great art under the same roof. Situated right off the main […]

Israel Has Gas!

January 2nd 2011

Natural Gas of course, what else would we be referring to to? Now this is what I call a good [belated] Hanukah present! In what Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau has called “the most important energy news since the founding of the state.” A massive Israeli offshore natural gas reserve has been discovered of the Northern coast. […]

Not by Bread Alone Do We Live

January 2nd 2011

Not by Bread Alone Do We Live; Being a Part of the Deaf/Blind Community in Israel The only theatre troupe of its kind in existence, the Nalaga’at Theater (“Don’t Touch” Theatre) in Jaffa aims to illustrate to the audience the complexity and beauty of the lives of the seeing and hearing disabled. The show opens […]

Running the streets of Jerusalem…

December 29th 2010

In my childhood home was an iconic picture of my father crossing the finish line at the New York City Marathon. New York has it, Spain’s got it, and Jerusalem’s now on the map. Israel is about to join the ranks of major cities around the world in hosting their first international full length marathon, […]

Pomegranate Wine – a wonderful stop in the Galilee

November 10th 2010

Rimon Winery is owned and operated by the Nachmias family, a third generation farming family who were among the founding fathers of Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra in Israel’s Upper Galilee. Experienced farmers, the family dedicated themselves to growing the highest quality pomegranate fruit in the world. These special pomegranates, famous for their very high juice […]

Shalom Israel Tours – in the News!

November 8th 2010

Shalom Israel Tours, a story to be told!

Israel Football League

November 8th 2010

For an exciting evening with your family or group, attend an American full-contact football game in Israel! To tourists coming from the US this might sound a little hokey, but I assume you it is high quality athletics and highly entertaining! It has now been four years since the dream of tackle football in Israel […]

Carmel Wine: Not Just for Kiddush Anymore

October 31st 2010

Remember when Carmel wine was only known for its grape juice and Kiddush wine?  Well, not anymore.  In the last 10 years, the Carmel Winery has become a powerhouse in the global wine market, with four facilities processing wine from over 3,000 acres of vineyards spanning the length of Israel, bottling over 15 million bottles […]

Jerusalem – Spa-ing in Style!

October 31st 2010

Jerusalem Hotel Spas – Spa-ing in Style! It should come as no surprise that five of the best spas in Jerusalem are located at five of the best hotels in the city. The hotels boast luxurious settings, nice swimming pools, fitness centers, and to-die-for spa facilities. Many of the hotels offer free access to the […]

Israel Tidbits

October 26th 2010

A Round Up of Recent Tourism News Renting a car during your next visit to Israel? Yisrael Katz, Israel’s Transportation Minister, agreed earlier this month to raise the speed limit on several major Israeli highways. On Highway 1 between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, on Highway 4 between Rishon L’Tzion and Ashdod, and on Highway 431 […]

CPR in Jerusalem

October 21st 2010

This morning 12 individuals from central Jerusalem came together for a basic CPR and first aid class taught by United Hatzalah, Israel’s volunteer emergency response organization. We covered adult, child, and Infant CPR, and practiced on a training “dummy” – a very interesting morning! Fill out form.

Cute Vid and Super Accurate!

October 19th 2010

From this moment onward I will forever picture Israel in this way: Fill out form.

Challah Baking on Masada!

October 18th 2010

This is a seriously cool event for families and community groups alike.  Designed for Bat Mitzvah girls, we shlep an oven to the top of Masada via cable car. The Challah baking ceremony goes back thousands of years to the times of the first and second temple and has a special blessing for the occasion […]

Surf’s Up in Israel!

October 18th 2010

Surf’s Up! Top 10 Places to Go Surfing in Israel Since summer just doesn’t want to seem to end this year, I suppose it’s not too late to post summer-themed info. After all, with weather still reaching high into the 90s, why not pick up that surfboard and head to the beach? Israel’s beaches are […]

New (ancient) Developments at The Kotel Tunnels

October 14th 2010

On Tuesday of this week Shalom Israel Tours was invited, along with a host of tour operators and non-profits, to check out the latest developments and excavations at the Kotel Tunnels. This event was incredible, we climbed through tunnels still being dug which may take years to be ready for public viewing. The Western Wall […]

View Israel by Foot, Top to Bottom

October 14th 2010

Interested in taking a walk through the land of Israel? How about a nearly 600 kilometer walk across the country, from Kibbutz Dan near the Lebanese border to the north all the way down to the Red Sea to the south? Known as one of the world’s great long long-distance trek, the Israel National Trail […]

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